Geeks, Freaks and Table Tennis


The US Open has come and gone but table tennis isn't going anywhere. Calling all geeks and freaks! If you like needlepoint or playing in the deep end, check out the goodies below that are guaranteed to put the ping in your pong.

Table tennis isn't as preppy or stuffy as big court tennis, which means there's more laughter, oddities and fun to be had. It's a great way to let your guard down with family and friends. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep your competitive edge. Use these toys to smack 'em down and show them who's boss.



1. Nice, Attractive Balls

Your paddle set is your bait. Lure your victims in with ping pong balls and paddles that are brightly colored and attention grabbing. Make everyone in the room want to play with you. My favorite sets are from HENRI BENDEL and TRINA TURK. And I love these candy-esque ping pong balls from GOGO.


2. Paddle Protection

Would you go outside on a cold day without gloves? Would you sleep without blankets or go panty-less under a skirt? I don't think so! PROTECT the paddle when it's not in use. Keep your secret weapon safe from your enemies. This needlepoint work of art is by JONATHAN ADLER.

Paddle board cover


3. The Upper Hand

If you want to beat your opponent, put your them in unfamiliar territory. Invite them to a match of ping-pool! Make sure to position yourself where you can comfortably stand and they can't. Increase the intensity of your match by "drifting" the table and your opponent further towards the deep end. The floating waterproof table tennis set below is from BROOKSTONE.

swim ping pong pool


That about sums it up. Are you digging the geeky glam ping pong style or what?

If you're a table tennis geek/freak, leave a comment below sharing your favorite accessory or tell us where you like to play. Inquiring minds want to know!




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