Got Skin Problems? Treat Yourself to Healing Insight from a Woman Who Empowers Me: Nitika Chopra

Psoriasis and eczema SUCK. That's Why Nitika Chopra and I wanted to talk about it. They're skin problems that have challenged our lives and made simple things like going out with friends and hitting the gym both painful and embarrassing. I'm not ashamed of my eczema but when Nitika told me her story and the extent of her psoriasis, I wanted to open up about it more. Because I know we're not the only ones...

WATCH my interview with Nitika Chopra, part of my Women Who Empower series on YouTube, about how to flip your outlook on the tough challenges you've been dealt in life. Nitika's story is truly inspirational.

I'm thrilled to announce that shortly after filming this interview with Nitika, she landed her very own talk show called Naturally Beautiful which will be premiering soon on the Veria Living Network. It was always her dream to be on television and it's amazing that she overcame psoriatic arthritis and other obstacles in her life to make that dream happen. When I'm around Nitika I feel blessed, confident and inspired by her energy. Check out her site Bella Life and tell me what you think!

Have you ever struggled with physically debilitating condition?

How did it affect your mood and fitness routine? What did you or are you doing to flip your outlook? Please share your story with me below in the comments section.



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