Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Pet

Scene from ET the movie recreated by Bianca Jade and her dog.

I love dressing up for Halloween but when Frida (my tiny brindle chihuahua) came into my life, everything changed because now group costumes were on the table. We don’t just dress up…we go all out! Last year we won my apartment building’s Halloween contest and couldn’t walk down the street without people jumping into pics with us. So in case you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 3 super fun costumes that are easy to create and everything can be purchased on Amazon. 


I'm going to start with the contest winning costume from last year because it was a slam dunk. In all honesty, I came up with the idea after finding Frida's rainbow vest at Target. I immediately thought I could be the sun and Joseph could be the rain cloud. I searched for inspiration online (blog posts like this one) and found a few other couples who had attempted it with their children.

I bought everything I needed on Amazon, like the sun-ray onesie you see me wearing, the yellow opaque tights and yellow felt to wrap around a headband. My shoes and any other yellow things I just grabbed out of my closet. 

I purchased an aque cable knit turtle neck in Frida's size and all of Joseph's items (the t-shirt, umbrella, rain hat, fish line and aqua felt) from Amazon too. It was so easy and everything arrived on time. To make the umbrella with raindrops, I simply cut out big raindrops from the felt sheets and then carefully tied fish line to the pointed tops of the raindrops and then tied the other end of the fish line to each point of the umbrella. I recommend staggering the raindrops by varying the lengths of the fish wire.

I think the beauty of a costume like this one is that it's really heart warming and who doesn't like a rainbow especially when it's your dog stealing the show! In Frida's case, she was a tiny rainbow.

I made these Instagram Reels right detailing how I put together the costume. Keep in mind they were my first Reels as Reels had just come out and I was still figuring it all out. 


To purchase any or all of the items for this costume, CLICK HERE!




I call this one "Frida Phone Home" because Frida again plays the starring role in this costume as the one and only ET. As a child, this was my favorite movie. I actually dressed up as ET that year the movie came out, and my mom made my costume completely out of wool which was super itchy. Since Frida already resembles a small extra-terrestrial, all I had to do was recreate the famous bicycle escape scene where ET is wrapped up in a white sheet. This costume idea is easier than you think! It took more time to film this below than to put our costume together...
























All you need is a red hoodie, a bike, a milk crate (which you can securely attach to the handle bars), a cute AF animal and a sheet. Since Frida is very small, I used a pillow case and padded the inside of the milk crate with a small pillow covered with another pillow case. Done and done!

Don't forget, you will need backup. Remember, Elliot had his brother and brother's friends riding behind him and alongside him to protect and shield him from authorities. If you can make this group costume larger, like 5-6 people, it would be so visually impressive. Joseph and I took turns playing Elliot, because let's face it, Elliot's brother was kind of a jerk in the beginning of the movie. 

If a bicycle isn't in your repertiore, in the shop link below I've included some other ET costume accessories that directly reference the movie. Just clik the link below to see :)

Don't have a dog or a bike? You might consider dressing up as Ellliot & ET by yourself like this! When I saw it, it literally had me on the floor. It's so good!

To steal the show with items needed for this Halloween costume, CLICK HERE!



A Skeleton costume is as unoriginal as a witch or zombie, BUT if you're looking for a super cute way to dress up matching with your partner and pet, it couldn't get any easier than this! I was inspired to create a Skeleton Family costume when Joseph showed me a really cool women's bodysuit on Amazon, which is the one I'm wearing. I absolutely loved it because it's full coverage but is still flattering and dare I say SEXY? If you know me well, you know I HATE slutty Halloween costumes. It's too cold to dress slutty on Halloween and what's the point of dressing slutty if everyone else is doing the same thing? I like original costumes that take comfort into consideration because if you're hopping around on Halloween, nothing's worse than freezing your bare ass cheeks off.

Joseph found his skeleton onesie for men to match mine. It even has a hood! I got Frida's skeleton onesie on Amazon too, and have it listed in the shop link below in 3 different styles. For our photoshoot we walked around my parent's neighborhood and posed in front of different peoples' homes. When they saw us posing in their lawns, a few families came out to take pics. It's incredible how you can get away with this stuff when you have a cute dog. Otherwise I think the response would've been different, LOL.

This Skeleton Family costume is what I will actually be wearing the weekend of Halloween to go out. I didn't have enough time to do it for this photoshoot, but I plan on painting my face skeleton-style and adding a floral Mexican headband to simulate a Day of the Dead kind of look. I think once I do that, it will take this costume to the next level. We'll see if Joseph lets me paint his face too...

To get spooky with everything you'll need for this Halloween costume, CLICK HERE!


So I'm curious...which costume of these 3 ideas is YOUR FAVORITE?

Please let me know in the comments below and tag me on any pics you post if you choose them as your halloween costumes. I hope you do!


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