Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

What a cool day, right? It’s OUR day but also a day to celebrate all the historic achievements of the women before our time. If someone were to ask me who I’d be celebrating today it would be Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo and Maya Angelou. All 3 women are icons who inspire me and whose life stories make me want to be a legend myself.

When I started Mizzfit.com over 10 years ago, my mission was to help motivate women to exercise and find a way to balance an active lifestyle with everything else they were doing. It started as a mere idea and became my passion, my mission and ultimately my career! A lot has evolved since the creation of this blog and expanded beyond this catchy url, but what has remained strong is my desire to LIFT WOMEN UP.

I hope the image that you see above make sense now :) I'm holding one of my best friends, Michelle Thomas, who I've known for years and actually met in a tabata fitness class. Michelle is like a sister to me. She’s someone I really admire and who I’m always striving to be more like. I used to think women who had their lives and work all figured out (like Michelle) didn’t need any help…but what I’ve learned is that ALL WOMEN NEED A BOOST. And most importantly, they need it from other women.

Since I’ve known my friend Michelle, she’s asked me assist her in shoots, film cool projects, brainstorm ideas for photography we've captured together, and even do some writing (something I’m really good at and which isn’t her favorite to do). I absolutely love helping her out! Similarly, she’s always there when I need her.  At times, we both ask each other to do things we might not want to do…or feel bogged down by, but we shake the feeling off and just do it. For example, Michelle is an early riser and likes to do things at 6am. I'm not one to jump up and down about that, but I get up early, grab a coffee and I'm on my way out to meet her. IT'S ALWAYS WORTH IT. When I give her a boost, her art thrives and I reap the rewards of being associated with it. When she lifts me up, I rise to a new level of success and she is better for it. At the moment, Michelle and I are planning to co-host a workshop and fitness event with B&H in New York City. This is pretty exciting for the 2 of us, and something that would've never come about unless we reciprocally supported each other.

There are a plenty of women who don’t like to lift up members of their gender. I can’t imagine why. Perhaps it’s the threat of competition or feeling like they’ll get burned. I’m not saying that won’t ever happen (there are always sour apples in a bunch) but most of the time, when you go out of your way to help another woman, it is massively appreciated, remembered and the gesture is returned. I have definitely been in scenarios where someone didn't want to help me back or couldn't handle my level of success in comparison to their own, but it was silly, and something I attribute to their own weakness. I know what it's like to be the little fish. But you're not going to outsmart your predators unless you swim with a school and learn hot to be part of a team. "Team" being a key part of this international holiday we call International Women's Day.

In the world of fitness, I find women to be exceptionally supportive of each other. It's one of the reasons I've stayed connected to this industry for so long.  I have a lot of girlfriends who are fitness instructors and wellness entrepreneurs who I love supporting in their classes, at workshops and for all their endeavors. They always remember me and hit me back with love and support. It feels good. We have to do this for one another because we cannot grow unless we invest in each other as a unified gender. We cannot be competitive in our fields without learning from each other, emulating and quoting one another’s wisdom.

Throughout the years, women have been at a disadvantaged in more ways than I can even get into. The reason things have changed and continue to change is because of our unity and bravery to fight for the rights, benefits and equal opportunity and pay we deserve. That’s what I call empowerment and I am damn proud to be enlisted in this movement for life.

As a fitness expert, fashion lover and female warrior, I’m proud to wear and write for adidas. It’s been my absolute honor to share my stories, tips and favorite health trends with you through my partnership with adidas women. adidas celebrates strong badass ladies who like to move, and it’s a club that welcomes ALL and caters to different body types and backgrounds.

Personally, I’ve always loved the adidas Originals collection. It’s sporty but relaxed and funky but still classic. The outfit that I’m wearing in this blog post screams with color for Spring, doesn’t it? I fell in love with this floral Graphic Longsleeve Tee and jogger style SST Pants in night indigo with flowers crawling up the bottom of the left leg.

They weren’t presented as an outfit on adidas.com but I spied that they matched and even better, they were both ON SALE (and still are)! When they arrived in the mail they were as vibrant and comfortable as they looked online, so I was stoked.

The top is made with a stretchy jersey fabric, which gives but also hugs nicely so whether you’ve got bigger boobies like me or you’re smaller, it will look good on you. I can even see myself pairing it with swimwear, especially a yellow or purple bikini bottom.Right now, adidas.com has a bunch of drool-worthy colorful SST Track Pants in various styles. I’m eyeing this pair in collegiate green!

Have fun shopping and don’t forget to LIFT UP another woman today, even if it’s something as little as saying, Your outfit is rockin’! You know yourself from receiving one that an empowering compliment can go a really long way.

XO, Bianca Jade



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