Home Tour: Step Into My Duplex!

a brooklyn new york duplex home

Closing on my Brooklyn condo at the end of 2021 was a super exciting time in my life. For all of you that own houses, it’s the same caliber of experience because we don’t really have houses here (with the exception of buildings, townhouses and brownstones). A condo in NYC usually costs more than the average person’s house but let’s not go there—I don’t wanna cry! Instead I’d love to give you a tour of my new place that was filmed in partnership with Hoek Home, a sustainable furniture company that I chose to incorporate into the design of my place. Since filming this tour, I’ve done additional work too, which I'll share with you. But first...a TOUR!

When I saw our duplex back in July 2021 for the first time, I was in complete awe of the space. It was honestly the first time I viewed a listing that inspired me to start thinking of interiors and how I'd arrange the space.

That's when I knew this place was it! Watch the whole progression from our first viewing to moving in and getting settled RIGHT HERE!

Nothing is ever perfect though, we had to do a lot of build outs to complete the kitchen, change out things like a ceiling pendant which required scaffolding to remove, and furnish the place with pieces that were more loft-like.

This required a lot of work and planning. When I look back at everything we've done, I just can't believe it! Many aspects of my life were compromised during the process of closing to moving in and finally decorating. I didn't have much of a social life and I definitely wasn't on my fashionista A-game because I was constantly getting dirty and sweaty while installing, fixing and moving things around.

In the end, I'm so happy with the outcome and now that we've got the condo space 90% done, we are focusing on upgrading our 2 bathrooms and finalizing our rooftop. I tell you, the work NEVER ENDS! But it's so much fun that I literally don't want it to end. 

Most of our furniture (bed, sectional couch, counter stools, desk chair, etc) were purchased at Calligaris NYC. My friend Niki Cheng is the owner and everything there is so modern and perfect for minimalist loft-living. If you go into their Chelsea location stores in Manhattan, look for Joey. He helped us pick out everything we purchased and has an amazing eye. I can be very picky and hard to work with so I give him a lot of credit. A game changing purchase for us was this EQ3 bed which lifts to reveal storage space. I keep all our extra comforters, sheets and decorative pillows here so that our closets are reserved for clothes. 


Since filming the video you just watched, we've made a few changes. Our Calligaris counter stools are new and we installed floating shelves from IKEA on our 2nd floor in our bedroom.

We also invested in motorized blinds for our 25 foot windows and used Medina Design. The owner has since become one of my best friends -- go figure! Literally I find all my good friends from being their client first, ha! I don't even know how we previously lived without them. They are a saving grace for us now during the summer when so much light comes in. I will warn you though, blinds are pricey! So make sure you treat it as a 15 year investment because if you get high quality blinds, they will last you that long or possibly longer. If you're interested, I can do a separate blog on just blinds and share tips on how to shop for them. Just let me know if this is content you'd like to see and I'll get on it!

Our rooftop is coming along! We just received a brand new grill which will inspire the whole look and decor for the space. Can't wait to share my rooftop reveal with you soon. Give me about 2-3 weeks to finish up and I'll have it posted on Youtube for ya!

Are you a modern decor enthusiast? I know duplex living isn't for everyone but I always wanted to live in one, so when I started my search I was exclusively looking at 2-story open floor plans. I feel blessed that we found it when we did because it allowed us to get settled-in with enough time to plan our engagement...and, now, to plan our 2023 wedding!!!!

Thank you so much for watching my home tour and if you have any design recommendations or furniture brands you think I might like based on what you see of my style, please add them in the comments. I love discovering new designers and looking at home decor. It's become a huge passion of mine and quite an obsession! Let me know if you have any questions about NYC real estate, purchasing in Brooklyn and making the transition from rentor to home owner. I can speak to it all!



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