How to Pick a Healthy Gift

Hey guys! Last weekend I was in Saint Louis, Missouri for Father's Day and I had to figure out what to give the man who gives me everything. I always give healthy presents, so I thought I'd share some tips to guide you when shopping for a healthy gift yourself. But first, meet my dad!

Philip, my dad, is a classic car connoisseur. He has an impressive collection of Jaguars and he's also a world reknown expert on them. He's been in tons of magazines and on TV news about cars and restoration. I pretty much grew up with the SS Saloon Type 1939 Jaguar that you see in the pic above. And just to prove it, let's rewind to 1984...

My dad took me for a ride in the SS-39 to grab a green juice while I was in town.

As you can imagine, a guy who collects classic cars has expensive taste in "toys". Since I cannot afford to buy him a new Jaguar (yet), I defer to functional gifts in my price range that inspire him to be healthy. My dad works in finance, which is very stressful and he likes to cycle outdoors as well as spin inside. Hmmm, what to get him? It had to be something that he doesn't already have but needs.

I finally decided on The Box by Fitmark. Over the last few years, my father has been packing his work lunches as part of diet regimen. I noticed all the effort he was putting into this and wanted to upgrade his routine by giving him a better way to store and prep his food. I added some of my favorite supplements, snacks and protein fuel packs to give this Father's Day gift my personal touch.


He loved it! I think he especially liked the shaker bottle since he makes his own protein shakes every morning. The Box is an impressive meal management bag because all the features and containers within it are well designed and seal tightly. It even comes with cool packs that are TSA approved for flying. And there's an elastic band that secures The Box to your luggage.

So how do you pick a healthy gift that makes someone happy without offending them or imposing your own values on them? Here are my best tips:

  • Observe your gift recipient's behavior and interests. Your gift should motivate them but also fit into and relate to their lifestyle, otherwise they'll never use it.
  • Make sure your healthy gift isn't focused on "weight-loss". Even if your recipient isn't the sensitive type, a gift that is labeled as or directly correlates to weight-loss can come off as offensive. The person might think you're insinuating they need to lose weight. And if you are, it's not a nice way to give a gift.
  • Read reviews online about the healthy gift you're intending to give. These days, niche bloggers review EVERYTHING! Make sure to have a look at it in person (before ordering online). Is it something you'd enjoy using?
  • Personalize the gift by adding something special to it. It will inspire the recipient to use the gift and get creative. For instance, my dad was intrigued by the protein packs and powders I added to his Box. It gave him ideas for mixing up his lunch routine and I think he'll probably use the Fuel For Fire on his next bike ride.
  • Keep it light! I give health gifts to my friends and family all the time. They know I'm a hard-core fitness enthusiast, but I never pressure them any which way. I just say, "I thought you might like this. It's a really cool fitness trend." Or, "I saw this and think it will look great you for when you hit the gym." Whether you write it in a card or say it, just make sure your healthy gift doesn't imply more than you actually mean.
  • Where can you find the best healthy gifts? Subscribe to! I'm constantly featuring all kinds of stylish fitness trends that would make great healthy gifts. Amazon is also a good place to find a range of popular fitness products. Also, I highly recommend my Style Up 2 Shape Up Quarterly Box that I personally design to guide women to radiant style and a strong life. Everything inside these quarterly-mailed boxes is fitness-fashion focused, tested by yours truly for transformational mind-body results.


That's me on the show Celebrity Corner with one of my SU2SU Boxes! Check out the video to catch even more cool gift ideas. If you have any questions about Healthy Gifting, leave them in the comments section so I can reply.

XOXO, Bianca Jade/Mizzfit


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