How to Work Out Like A Playmate


Halloween is just around the corner and I bet you're planning a sexy costume for all your weekend parties. Whether you're dressing up as Betty Boop or Dominatrix Cop, consider prepping for your disguise with a sexy workout inspired by the Playboy Mansion.

That's right, work out like playmate! Dress up, feel sexy and burn some calories while you're at it. Whoever said that a strip tease isn't a workout has got a lot to learn. Luckily there's a dvd for that.



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1. Dress in apparel that you can sweat in and easily take off.

Athletic Stripe Knee Socks - $18



2. Choose sturdy equipment and give it a whirl.

Carmen Electras Electra Pole Kit - $125




3. Wear a practical shoe that fits your routine.


Patent High Heel Slide - $49



4. Learn the basic moves and practice proper form.

How To Strip DVD - $20



5. Get in the groove by playing music.

Playboy MP3 Player (2GB) - $49




6. Increase your intensity with a heart pumping soundtrack.

Strip Tease Pole Dancing CD - $13



7. Refuel with a performance enhancing drink.

Playboy Libido Shot for Women - $7




8. Outshine your competition.

Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer - $28




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