I Have Chronic Eczema And This Is What Helps Me

Bianca Jade takes Gladskin Eczema Cream out of her purse to use on her eczema prone skin.

My eczema used to get in the way of my life but now I’ve figured out how to live with it. The type of eczema I have (called Dyshidrotic Eczema) mostly attacks hands and feet, but I often get it on my legs, stomach and face, too. Hopefully this is not too much info but my stomach is the worst spot for me because is the largest surface area that gets affected, and it's also where my clothing will rub against my skin further irritating it. The crazy thing about eczema is it just sort of shows up and sometimes it never goes away. Symptoms vary from person to person, but anyone who has eczema will tell you it’s not fun. When I have multiple regions of my body with eczema flare ups, I'm miserable. But eventually you learn to coexist...and put up with the misery or just learn how to best treat it.

I made this video because it’s currently Eczema Awareness Week 2020, and Eczema Awareness Month is just around the corner in October. Also I want you to see that I feel more empowered than ever showing and using my hands in public (which wasn’t always the case). I’ve learned to recognize my triggers and maintain a health routine that mitigates my eczema, but I also discovered GladSkin Eczema Cream which has helped out enormously!

The way GladSkin works is that it balances your skin microbiome with healthy bacteria, much like a probiotic supplement can help you balance your gut. I use it daily on all my eczema prone areas from face to feet, and the result has been less flare-ups and reduced severity of my symptoms. It's deeply moisturizing and feels like an expensive hand cream.

For all you eczema prone peeps out there, this is NOT a steroid cream. GladSkin is hypoallergenic, free of fragrance, drying alcohols and preservatives. It seeps into the skin quickly providing a protective barrier that keeps hydration locked-in. Because of this my hands and feet are soft and moisturized—the way they should be! And you don't need to keep applying it because the cream's hydration is long-lasting.

I love my skin…but I love it even more with GladSkin...and that's why I partnered with them to make this video and spread as much awareness as I can about this epic cream. Got acne or rosacea? GladSkin creams treat these conditions too! So why not check it out?! Use my 10% off promo code BIANCAJADE and make sure to follow GladSkin on Instagram as they celebrate Eczema Awareness with giveaways and a 14-day “Hello Gladskin Challenge" into October. 

Please leave any questions you have about GladSkin cream or eczema in general below in the comments. Thanks!


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