I Hope You Didn't Buy Reebok's EasyTone Or RunTone Shoes Because I've Got Bad News


I'm sorry to have to tell you that they don't work. Especially in all the amazing ways that Reebok's catchy ads told you they would. I hate when stuff like this happens. It's like the time I bought Sea Monkeys only to discover that the cute little creatures advertised were, in fact, just pellets that expanded into dead worms in water. Shame on you, Reebok, for tricking people into buying Sea Monkey shoes! If you've been duped or just like a good story, the video below elaborates on Reebok's latest drama and how they're making it up to people who bought their shoes.



Even though Reebok stands behind their toning shoes and success rate numbers, the FTC is making sure everyone knows that Reebok's claims don't hold up to research findings. An FTC consumer protection director named David Vladeck delivered the following statement to reporters:

The consumers expected to get a workout. Not to get worked over. (ABC News source)

Can't say I didn't see this coming, but I'm actually surprised by the 25 million dollar customer refund settlement. Take your cut by filing for a refund at: http://ftc.gov/reebok

If anything, Reebok's actions prove that lying will cost ya. Oh, and that you actually have to go to the gym to see results. And lastly, that ugly shoes are nothing more than ugly shoes.




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