I was cast in SATC and stole Carrie's Look!

Bianca Jade and Sarah Jessica Parker side by side wearing similar lilac purple colored ruffled dresses.
**Main photo of Sarah Jessica Parker (r) courtesy of James Devaney / CG Images

And just like that I was cast to be in a scene for HBO’s reboot of Sex & The City, most appropriately titled And Just Like That. Can you believe it’s been 17 years since the last season of SATC? I never expected to be in a scene with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte and who knows if it’ll even make the final cut but it was definitely an unforgettable New York moment! To celebrate 2 days of filming with Sarah Jessica Parker, I recreated the Carolina Herrera lilac dress look she wore. 

It's kind of crazy that I just happened to have a similar dress in my closet from Khush Clothing and the exact same belt as SJP except with gold studs. 

The pyramid studded belt which both SJP and I have had in our personal wardrobes for YEARS, is one of my favorite accessories EVER! I've honestly had it for over 10 years. It's from Streets Ahead and was sold out as of today until everyone started asking for it. They're doing a special pre-order starting at 8pm tonight! Try and get yourself one before they sell out AGAIN!

As you can see, SJP has worn the belt often (both on and off the show). Putting this look together was too easy but I would've never have thought to put the 2 together had I not seen SJP on set rocking this outfit.

Curious about how I booked this job, what it entailed and what I wore? So the strangest thing is that on Monday of last week, I was with my friend Melissa Rosenfield and a group of influencers on a power walk event for WKND NATION when we walked past the filming of And Just Like That on Gansevoort Street at The Whitney. We literally shrieked in delight that we saw all the major players. It was a moment for me. I am not lying not even a little when I say the next day I received a casting request to play the role of a trainer in the filming of the show the following week (which was this week!). It was a sign from the universe that I had to do it, because it was too coincidental that I had walked past the filming the day before. So I said YES and committed to 2 days of filming, figuring whatever it ends up being, I'm fine with it (even if I don't make it into the final cut). At the very least I hoped to film with the famous trio! It was my favorite show, afterall, and in many ways I feel that I live the SATC lifestyle...heels and all!

Here's what shooting on And Just Like That entailed: A LOT OF WAITING AROUND! I'm more of a commercial actress, not a TV show and film actress (although I'd like to be). So I'm not used to all the waiting around in full hair & makeup. It's exhausting. By the time my scene was ready to shoot, I was operating on pure adrenaline. Everyone on set was AMAZING! From the camera crew, the guys who set up all the equipment, the assistant directors...I mean, literally everyone was so nice. I loved watching Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte film their scenes. I never got to speak to Sarah Jessica Parker but she did smile at me various times. She's in wonderful shape and nothing's changed about her except for 18 years and damnit the woman LOOKS GOOD. I especially love that she doesn't seem over-done in any way with cosmetic treatments. She looks as I would imagine her as Carrie in her late 50's.

Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis also looked great. Cynthia Nixon is definitely more on serious on set, while Kristin Davis had a more cheerful/smiley presence. Charlotte was actually my favorite on the show. However, I'm definitely more of a Carrie in my real life.

If you're wondering what I wore in my scene, this is it. I was an Equinox Trainer.

I'm so flattered to have been selected for this role...to even be thought of as "fit" enough for it. This was an experience I'll always remember, and that I'm so thankful for. Guys, ONLY IN NEW YORK! I say this to myself all the time. 


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