I Was At Grumpy Cat's Birthday!

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Yes, I was at Grumpy Cat's birthday party. I know, I'm way more of a dog person BUT Grumpy Cat is 1) pretty darn cute and 2) really famous. So how could I turn down the opportunity to chill with her as she rings in her 6th?

The party was a delight. We basically surrounded Grumpy, lovingly stared at her, took lots of pics and then ate all her cake. It was a lot of fun and I had my fortune told by a psychic who told me to be careful because I was likely to get pregnant. Hmmm, still no baby yet!

Grumpy is a curmudgeon down to the bone. Btw, her real name is Tardar Sauce. Grumpy Cat is just her stage name. You won't get a smile out of her no matter how hard you try. I mean...she didn't even blow out the candles on her cake and refused to have a slice. At one point, she closed her eyes to spare herself from the sight of all of us.

As a dog person, I pretty much expect all cats to act this way. They're just too good to entertain us humans. Look, here's a pic of Grumpy Cat ignoring her own mom. The nerve!

On the upside, Grumpy Cat is actually quite the little meow-gul. She has 2.4 million followers on the gram (@therealgrumpycat), a movie that she filmed with human co-stars, and she's been a spokesperson for a bunch of different companies. She's literally EVERYWHERE! So it only makes sense that she signed a deal with PetSmart and Purina to promote the big Save A Fortune event happening at all PetSmart stores.

Can you imagine how proud her parents are? If only I could get Shortly & Leroy to start rolling in the benjamins, if you know what I'm saying. Too bad all they like to do is eat. But lucky for them, Grumpy Cat hooked us up with some major deals.

What does "Save A Fortune" mean for me and you? Well, if you have a pet...or rather I should say, if a pet owns you, it behooves you to shop at PetSmart during their Save A Fortune event (running until May 31st, 2018) so you can stock up on Purina pet food and receive a $5 rebate as well as a grand prize sweepstakes entry. For every $20 you spend on Purina cat or dog food, you get $5 back on a PetSmart gift card. Simply submit a picture of your receipt to PurinaFortunes.com. For the sweepstakes entry and more promotion details, CLICK HERE!

I went to PetSmart and got Shorty & Leroy food from Purina ONE and Pro Plan. They're definitely picky eaters (not really) but they do like this food a lot. The Purina aisle at my local PetSmart on Broadway in Manhattan is kind of popular. If you don't get there early enough, it might all be gone. Luckily for the puggles, I did.

I grabbed some Purina ONE Smart Blend Chicken and Brown Rice for my guys, along with Purina Pro Plan's Adult Salmon and Rice Formula.  Let's just say they were quite satisfied with their entrées.

I always find shopping at PetSmart so easy. Sometimes I take my dogs with me but usually the store is so full of curious smells that Shorty & Leroy get a little too rambunctious. It's nice to know my food selections are keeping them young at heart and full of energy though. They're really getting up there (Shorty is 10 and Leroy is 9) and I want to make sure I feed them for their nutritional needs at this adult age.

Enough about my dogs! I want to know about your pets. Are you going to take advantage of this promotion or what. It's too easy! Just spent $20 in a single purchase to get $5 back. After that, you can add your separate purchase receipts together adding up to $20 to get the same rebate. If you're shopping for your pets, why not get some money back while you're at, right?

Smooches to all the pooches (and grumpy cats) whose owners are reading this.

XO, Bianca Jade






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