If Kat Von D and Amy Winehouse Went to the Gym Together...


If Kat Von D and Amy Winehouse went to the gym together...

  • Kat would be clear-minded from lots of yoga and find herself a real man. Perhaps a CrossFit hottie.
  • Amy would be so hooked on her natural endorphins she'd be the last to leave the gym.

Obviously there's no chance of this ever happening due to Amy's untimely passing, but that doesn't mean a girl like myself can't be inspired by the thought of it. Kat and Amy have always gone against the grain with their fashion and lifestyle choices. I admire their strength and radiance, and believe they would've made great workout partners.


Can you imagine what they'd wear to the gym? Let's take a look.

Below are some tatoo-bearing shots of Kat Von D looking very fitness-y. Much like Lady Gaga, her activewear picks look cool but don't guarantee comfort for high performance.

kat von d workout apparel fashion


Here's how I'd make Kat Von D's get-up a bit more gym-friendly and moisture wicking:

kat von d workout apparel fashion

Fitness fashion featured: Nike Scrimage Vest ($10)Slashed Leggings ($15.95), LP Studio Bra #002 in Pincelada ($49), and Alexander McQueen Eagle Print Sneaker for Puma ($200).


Kat's workout of choice?

My best guess is Whipped!, a group fitness "rope lifting" class offered at Equinox gyms. Why? Because she's tough, likes to hang with the boys, and her arms read like a resume so she has to keep them nicely sculpted.


Let's move on to Miss Amy Winehouse who wasn't a stranger to working out.

Amy loved trapeze fitness, gymnastics and aerial yoga. I could totally see her taking lessons at The Espana-STREB Trapeze Academy (one of my favorite spots to fly in nyc).

amy winehouse workout apparel fitness fashion


Amy could work out in anything.

She was most comfortable in her Nike sports bra and denim cut-offs. Since we all know denim tends to be contricting especially when heavy with sweat, here's a better way to pull off Amy's look that's totally stylish and very functional.

amy winehouse workout apparel fitness fashion

Fitness fashion featured: Nike Victory Shape Women's Sports Bra ($45), Fakie Boardshorts by Roxy ($46), and Rudolf Dassler Rhythm ballet flats ($57).


Love how you look to find happiness at the gym.

Take inspiration from these one-of-a-kind ladies. You don't have to fit in with everyone else at the gym to be fashionable. Just rock your own look but make sure it's built for moving and sweating your butt off.


Tribute to Amy Winehouse Giveaway!!!

What do you think of Amy and her dark-haired counterpart, Kat Von D? Do you think regular exercise is/was part of their life? Supposedly Kat Von D has dropped some pounds through the years. Could it be from exercise or her busy filming schedule? Please leave your thougths and I'll pick 3 winners for a fitness DVD prize. Winners will be announced here on Aug 14th, 2011. Don't forget to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse by adding her hits to your workout playlist!


Photos shown above are courtesy of and credited to (1) Kat Von D on Facebook and (2) Popsugar, which covered Amy Winehouse's workout in January 14, 2009.



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