I'm on Pinterest! Let's Pin Stuff Together. But NOT on Donkeys! See Why...

I'm better on some social media platforms than others. Like right now, I'm rockin' Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But I've sworn a solemn oath to make more time for Pinterest. So help me out by becoming a follower and I'll follow you back! Let's be pin-pals.

     ** This is where I live on Pinterest **

Please check out my boards and leave a comment on the pins you like.

Here's why I don't pin things (tails, etc) on donkeys:

BECAUSE I HEART DONKEYS! Look at this face...

Donkeys are the sweetest animals. Some of you might already know this but I'm a huge animal lover and animal rights person. What significance does this bear on Pinterest? Well, I'm a softy for cute animal boards. And I really like puggles (I have 2; Shory & Leroy). So, if you've got animal boards for me to babytalk to, by all means, let me know!

Hopefully you'll enjoy my fitness fashion boards on Pinterest. Expect to see lots of fitness couture, transitional fit looks, trendy gear & accessories, people who inspire me, MizzFIT vids and my favorite workout snacks.

Want to suggest a board? Please do so by leaving me a comment below. I read and take every comment seriously. So be careful with your suggestions...because if you suggest "reptilian fitness", you might get what you ask for!

Thanks for being awesome.




Reptilian photo credits: Vibram snake courtesy of VibramFiveFingers, "Jake the Snake" courtesy of InternationalObjectBlog



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