It's Fall. And Of Course, I'm Falling For...


Summer's closing shop. Dangit! But Fall ain't so bad. From fitness to epiphanies on random stuff in my life, here's my short list of what I'm "falling for" this Fall season. It's not your average list so I sincerely hope something on it will help carry your health goals far.



1. Yoga...'cause it's gonna save the world.

I'm not even kidding. It's what my next article is about. The suspense! I've been doing yoga for 10 years and, yes, it's taken me that long to realize it's the ONLY workout that re-aligns me and makes me smarter and better at navigating my non-fitness life. You should really try it. Or you can wait to read more about it when I post next. But the main reason I'm falling for it after 10 years strong is because it's an amazing mind-body workout that I like to think of as therapy. I can't afford a real therapist anymore. Sessions can cost $300 plus a pop! Yoga will cost you $20.

I'm wearing adidas Powerluxe gear in the pic above and my Energy Boost sneaks--which you shouldn't wear for yoga. But clearly this was a posed pic. The sneaks are great for running though! For yogis, my High & Mighty Tank rocks.


2. A meditating garden gnome better known as "a sign".

Yeah, what the bleep is what I thought too! Then I realized he was a sign! What are the chances that I run past this garden-stone-gnome at a time when I'm kinda stressed out. Life sends us messages--OFTEN. We just have to be willing to see them. I was driving myself crazy about something (when I saw this little guy) but after stopping to snap his pic, I concluded that all the "crazy" just wasn't worth it anymore. You've gotta STOP in order to let something go. You can't keep running with it.

He kind of looks like my twin from the first pic. If only there was adidas Powerluxe in his size!


3. Messing up followed by laughter.

It's gonna happen. What can you do? I've spent too much of my life crying over spilled milk. So when my friend Michelle Thomas poured Sriracha sauce all over herself after squeezing a bottle with a loose cap, I laughed hysterically and instagram'd the moment! Follow me here! It was her favorite shirt and she had just come from the dentist of all places. Could it get any worse? Oh yes, it can always get worse! But when you laugh...worse gets better.


4. Biking around with no agenda.

This counts as fitness! You don't always have to be pumping pedals at high resistance to get a workout. Seriously. I hate intense spin classes. But I love cruising around on my bike. I own a beach cruiser style bicycle from Schwinn that doesn’t even have gears. To break, I must pedal backwards. It’s far from high-tech and that’s why I love it.

On 2 wheels is a different way to see the world. And it's not so often you get to cruise through life so smoothly. I highly recommend it.

Fall is the perfect time to be on a bike...the weather, the turning colors and great fitness fashion to wear. On cool mornings, I wear my Powerluxe Rainshine Jacket because it’s like a hooded windbreaker with a blast of pink that matches the vibe of my bike.

You never know if it’s going to rain and riding along the Hudson River can get windy. I keep it in my bike pannier 'cause I'm cool like that.


5. Using ginger as a recovery fix.

That's Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder I'm holding. You can use it to cook, make as a tea or put it in your bath. Why? Because it relieves cold symptoms, reduces muscle pain, aids in digestion, eases migraines and reduces inflammation. I need all of these things to happen so I'm on a ginger tear (that's Australian for over-indulging).

Ginger is actually trending! It's being used in specialty beverages, foods and skincare products for the exact reason that I love it--it's healing properties! I must point out that ginger is an ingredient in one of my favorite bevies called Restore by Mercy which you can get your hands on this Fall.

Restore has antioxidant and detoxifying agents that help boost your energy and immune system. I actually talked about it recently on TV if you wanna watch...


6. The path to easy love.

Sigh...I've never been in a relationship that's outlasted a pair of jeans. Historically, I've pursued the challenge of a "challenging" union. I enjoyed being kept on my toes...wondering what's gonna happen next. Does he really like me? Should I text or wait for him to?

Hmmm...maybe "enjoyed" is not quite how I'd put it.

Remember the meditating gnome from #2 on this list? (Bear with me as I make a connection here.) You can drive yourself crazy trying to fall in love. How 'bout just letting it happen on its own accord? There's a path to easy when it comes to love...I think. Well, I hope so, because I'm picking it over the hard road this time.

For the 1st time in my life, I'm valuing the concept of patience and letting things progress slowly. I'm on a path just to see where it leads but I'm in no rush.There's no pressure. Just new things to see and learn every step of the way. It's a different kind of romantic "fall" that feels more like floating...and I'm really into it. I guess we'll see where it takes me. Don't worry, I haven't sold off my collection of self help books to Amazon just yet!


7. Lean muscle toning fitness classes.

Just don't want to be bulky anymore. I lost 20-pounds going gluten-free but the hard part is maintaining it. I like hard workouts but not the kind that make me so hungry that I go on an eating binge afterwards. And I don't want arms that intimidate guys or stereotype me as the Gym Girl. I want to be the kind of stronger that's leaner...not meaner. And so I've been splitting my routine between cardio and fitness classes that help me achieve this result.

I get my fix taking Core Fusion at Exhale Spa, The Dailey Method and my beloved dance cardio classes at Body By Simone. These are all studios that offer a 1-hour class set to upbeat pop music using light weights, resistance bands and plyometric exercise to tone and lengthen your muscles. I love the energy in class and sharing my workout with a room full of determined women. Now that's sexy.

Soooo that's my lucky 7 short list. I've got more to share over at adidas about how to gear-up your fit look for Fall and how to choose workouts that empower you mentally not just physically. Check them out HERE along with stylish "fall" worthy sportswear from adidas!


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