Kim Kardashian Athleisure Inspires My Mom to Hit the Gym - Get the Look!


I get on my mom's case about exercise all the time. We work out together whenever I'm in town visiting and take the puggles out for long walks. But when I'm not in town her workout routine falls off. My mom's health is really important to me so I like to inspire her for fitness by drawing from the things she loves. Mama MizzFIT whose real name is Maria, loves fashion and pop culture. These days all she can talk about is Kim Kardashian. That's how I got the idea to make Kim our fitness muse and style my mom with her look.



Kim Kardashian is more than a hot topic. She's a celebrity that women all over the world are intrigued by and watch for fashion and beauty cues. How could we not? She's stunning and doesn't hide the fact that she loves getting all dolled up. Kim K lives a glam life and we love her for it. So I'm not surprised my mom is a fan. I just didn't realize to what degree until she called at 10pm one night to tell me that Kim K is short. She was watching the Kardashian sisters get interviewed on Larry King. "Is that all you called to say?" I asked laughing. But then the idea hit me...



It all started with the pic of Kim above. Kim's outfit is figure flattering and sexy without going overboard. The pink jacket pops nicely against her skin tone and dark hair. She looks sporty, feminine and comfortable without compromising an ounce of glam. I recreated her look for my mom with only minor adjustments made to match my mom's personality and age. I picked body contouring fitness apparel that's both fashionable and functional. My mom deserves only the best so I used active-wear built for breathability, comfort and performance enhancement.

Kim Kardashian workout style for moms mizzfit

MPG Sport Prism Jacket ($36) - This zip-up sport jacket is similar in color to Kim's and offers mesh paneling along the arms and chest area which not only looks cool but provides excellent ventilation. It's stretchy and has moisture wicking to spare you from sweat stains. The Prism doubles as a sleek cover-up and thermal layer for cold weather. My mom wore hers over a soft, stretchy cotton t-shirt that she already owned. I'm not a huge fan of cotton for sweating in but I give it the OK for light workouts like Pilates.

Fila Toning Resistance Pant ($50) - I rave about this pant from Fila's BTS collection. It's awesome because it provides compression to support and revitalize your muscles as well as resistance to make them work harder during exercise. My mom loved how this thick lycra pant flattered her butt and elongated her legs by slightly flaring at the bottom. She liked how they're post-gym-friendly and said she wouldn't be embarrassed to run errands in them or meet up with friends.

Banjees Wrist Wallet ($16.50) - The leopard print Banjee is a no-brainer because it's a super cute accessory that's made to hold your keys, cash, mobile phone and other small valuables. Just zip 'em up and go! I chose the leopard print for my mom to give her outfit an edge. A great accessory can be as sexy and attention-grabbing as showing off skin. As long as they're not overstuffed, Banjees are really comfortable and lightweight. They come in spandex or fleece.

Blake Brody Fitness Slipper ($98) - My mom loves Pilates (her main workout) but going barefoot is not her thing. Blake Brody's athletic slipper (pictured below) solved this issue. It's a ballet-style slipper that you can point and flex in, with grips on the bottom for traction. I styled my mom with the Robin slipper (in Sting Ray print) because it's natural looking and versatile with a leather feel (animal-free). My mom loved the pillow padding in the arch and the non-chafing elastic band. For a high-impact cardio sneaker like Kim's, try the Saucony ProGrid Kinvara in pink.

Blake Brody in-studio footwear pilates slipper



My mom's new workout clothes changed her level of enthusiasm for exercise with a boost in confidence and cool. I wouldn't call her a gym rat but she joined a new gym with her girlfriends and started eating healthier too. She put our dogs (the puggles) on a healthier diet and replaced high calorie snacks in the kitchen pantry with all kinds of nuts and goji berries. Kim K's fit look did a lot more than inspire my mom to exercise...she really changed things up! Even the ice cream I'm used to seeing in the freezer (and happily eating) was traded up for Fage yogurt. Hmmm, not too sure I'm happy about that change because she's not the one who eats the ice cream...but I am very proud of her!



  1. Check the tabloids. Celebs are often photographed by paparazzi on their way to the gym.
  2. Pick a celeb with a similar body type/physical attributes.
  3. Deconstruct the fitness outfit. Figure out what you need and what you may already have. Shop the item that best pulls the look together.
  4. Look for online sales, promotions and free shipping/returns from active-wear sites like Athleta, Lucy, Zappos and Adidas. You don't have to wear the exact brands that celebs are wearing as they might be too expensive or hard to find.
  5. Try on the celebrity outfit you've put together and make it your own. Add things like your favorite stud earrings, a metallic cap, a jelly watch and an over-sized gym bag.




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