Knocked Up? Take Your Baby Bump to the Gym in Omala's Hip Eco Activewear

Video - KMOV Ch4 - "Prenatal Fitness Fashion"


I always enjoy visiting the set of Great Day Saint Louis whenever I'm in my hometown but I particularly loved featuring Omala on the show today because expectant mothers deserve to look and feel sexy while they work out. Here at, we like to celebrate the baby bump and discourage women from hiding it. All you need is stylish activewear that flatters your changing shape and feels good!

That's Kate Gaertner, the founder and designer of Omala, in the photo above. She considers it a happy accident that her clothing lends itself to maternity activewear. Her vision was to create a sportswear collection that was soft, sexy and transitional. She nailed it and also managed to target a whole new market of women: mommies-to-be!

Just like Lululemon Athletica, Kate's activewear has special features that flatter baby bumps of all shapes and sizes. Omala's blouse-y halter tops, tanks with side ruching and incredibly soft pants with the right amount of give make it easy for expectant moms to "grow" with their workout clothes and even wear them post-pregnancy!

That's me, waiting for my segment to begin. I'm wearing the Relax Chill Pants and the Omala Burnout T paired with one of my favorite crop jackets from Adam (which sadly is no longer...tear) and my silver sneaker wedges from DKNY.

Whether you're pregnant or not, check out and if you see something you like use the promo code OMALA25 to get 25% of your purchase until May 1st, 2012. I definitely recommend getting the Relax Chill Pant. I'm still wearing mine as I write this. They are just too comfortable to take off.

Much thanks to Great Day Saint Louis Channel 4 for having me back to their studio and to my mom and Anne Hatch for helping me dress the mannequins and for making sure their tummies weren't lopsided!

And please check out BABY BUMP FIT TIPS on MizzFIT. Laura Kovall is our resident prenatal & post-natal fitness expert. The only reason she wasn't at the studio with me today is because she's due any day now!




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