Lindsey Vonn Strikes A Pose reports:

Sports Illustrated changed things up a bit for their SI's Winter Olympic preview issue, which hit newsstands Wednesday, by putting Lindsey Vonn on the cover. However, a magazine that usually puts barely covered models on the cover is getting flack, because Vonn is in a semi-provacative pose which is being claimed it objectifies her.

The Vancouver Sun reports:

...her appearance in this month's Sports illustrated, complete with cover shot of the skier posed bent over, rolling down a mountain, has drawn fire from critics as "sexualized."

While some people are saying Vonn's pose is suggestive others are coming to SI's defense, saying it's merely a re-enactment of a tuck stance that professional skiers take when plowing down a hill. 

I subscribe to SI and to be honest this is the first cover, in a very long time, that caught my attention and made me stop what I was doing to read about Vonn. She's obviously a major asset. This cover is fun, flirty and appeals to men and women alike. I love it and think the critics are over-reacting. I'm rooting for Vonn!

Go win some medals for America, girlfriend! Work that booty like it's nobody's business.

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