Lindsey Vonn Talks Fitness Fashion and Running. But Will Her Romance with Tiger Woods Last?

I interviewed Olympic Ski Racer Lindsey Vonn who couldn't have been sweeter or more sporty chic in person. (Yes, that's me--the short one--with her in the pic above.)  She may be the apple of Tiger Wood's eye right now but based upon what she told me, she's in love with fitness fashion. Check out my interview with Lindsey Vonn and weigh in on whether you think her relationship with Tiger will make him a changed man. 

*** Lindsey Vonn Talks Fitness Fashion ***

ME: Lindsey, when you're getting ready to train or hit the gym, how do you put your fit look together?

Lindsey Vonn: I'm really obsessed with color coordinating everything. So head to toe, it has to match with my bag...with my shoes...with everything. I love Under Armour's tank tops because they allow you to double up. I love neon colors. 

ME: What do you feel the most comfortable wearing for your hardest workouts?

Lindsey Vonn: I generally wear short shorts to the gym because I feel like there's too much material sometimes if I wear longer pants. Plus in the summer, it's just a little bit cooler. 

ME: For running, what fitness pieces help maximize your performance?

Lindsey Vonn: Under Armour's sports bra and shoes. Their Armour Bra is awesome. All my friends and I are in love with it. It's so much better than anything else out there because of the support. I don't have big boobs but it still makes a difference!

ME: I actually own it too and it's surprisingly comfortable for how supportive it is. Tell me why you're crushing on Under Armour shoes...

Lindsey Vonn: I train the entire day in my UA Spine shoes. I have issues with my left knee and I need something with a lot of support...that's not unstable. I have to be able to do agilities and be moving laterally. I literally do everything in this shoe.

ME: Do you wear them casually?

Lindsey Vonn: Yes, with the tongue pulled out.

ME: Love it!


How do YOU Style Up 2 Shape Up for a workout?

Do you coordinate or mismatch? Do you double up your tank tops like Lindsey? Share your Fit Look and inspire us!

Do you think Lindsey and Tiger are a match made in athlete heaven?

Have we forgiven Tiger yet for his indiscretions? I'm not sure I have, but what I do know is that Lindsey is used to being in the spotlight and recognized for her amazing athleticism. That's something she and Tiger can bond over. They're sport stars with their own mega-brands who have both recently divorced. You know what they say...birds of a feather flock together! I'm curious to hear what you think. So leave me a comment below!



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