Best run gear from Lululemon to keep the warm in and the cold out.

1. The Principle Jacket (pictured above) is the epitome of fitness fashion. It's cropped and form fitting with a large zip-up collar and motorcycle zipper sleeves. It's light, angular and easily unzipped for ventilation. 

2. The Winter Run Glove is a glove with a mitten-like fold. The glove's moisture wicking keeps fingers dry and warm, and the mitten fold protects against the wind. It comes in black and gray (and hopefully more colors next winter). You'll easily wear these gloves 24/7 but be careful not to lose them because they're not cheap. 

3. The Ultralight Armwarmer is genius. It adds an extra layer of warmth to your arms and stays put without irritation. It's thin enough to wear under a jacket/hoodie and stretchy enough to wear over a long sleeve top. Or, just wear it with a t-shirt. I usually pair the Armwarmer with the Winter Run Glove since my hands are extremely sensitive to the cold. Worn together, everything stays toasty.

4. The Swiftly Tech LS top (pictured in purple) is seamless, lightweight and anti-microbial (which means your shirt won't stink). The sleeves hook over fingers for extra warmth and a snug fit. This top has nice contouring.

5. The Spirit Tights are my favorite piece from Lululemon's run line. They feature a high waistband for support which actually prompts you to activate your abdominal muscles. They're beautifully designed with ruching from calves to ankle and a pocket in the back. They're thin, insulating and come in dark gray or black with bright colored waistbands. 


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All run-wear featured is available at Lululemon Athletica in-store and online. Photos courtesy of my camera (aren't I a great model?) and Lululemon's website. Lululemon Athletica is not a mizzFIT affiliate partner or sponsor. mizzFIT just happens to be a fan and wears these items to train and race.




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