Makeup At The Gym? Crazy Or Genius? You Be The Judge.


Makeup CAN motivate your fitness routine!

I'm expecting a lot of hater-ation on this post because most women tell me they would NOT wear makeup to the gym. But, I personally believe in putting your best face forward for fitness, whether you're at the gym, on a run or in a class. 

I'm not implying that you need to have a full face of makeup to break a sweat. I'm just sayin' that a little of the right kind of makeup goes a long way. I like the even skin tone, color and dimension that makeup gives my face. I'm no beauty queen without it, but feel like one when I'm done up!

Check out the products that we used to make the video you just watched. 

Here's the makeup we used and where you can get it:

Tinted Skin Perfector: Maybeline Dream Fresh BB Cream Sheer Tint

Eyeshadow Base/Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eye Brow Pencil: Too Faced Brownies Browne-y

Lengthening Mascara:  Loreal Double Extend (waterproof)

Lip Stain: Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15

Lip Plumper: Too Faced Lip Injection


We ACTUALLY DID workout afterwards!

My makeup artist, Sarah Wood, is truly a pro and a good sport. She knows when she works with me, a sweaty workout is just around the corner! And this time instead of doing touch-ups from the sidelines, she joined in to break a sweat with us! I'm so lucky to have a FIT production team.


Crazy or genius?

When I wear makeup to workout, I feel extra beautiful and empowered. That's why I made the Fitness & Makeup vid for you! Try it out. See how it makes you feel. Now, I'm curious to find out where you stand on the issue. Don't be afraid to let me have it (in the comments section below). Whether you're a hater or a celebrator of fitness makeup, I want your honest opinion!




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