My 2 Weeks in Maui




I went to Mau with Joe! AKA my instagram husband. I go to Hawaii every year in the spring and I make a point of going to a different island each year. I guess you could say I'm a tad obsessed but it's impossible not to be once you visit Hawaii for the first time (no matter which island you land on). You will fall in love with the island culture and aloha spirit, especially if you're stimulated by nature, beaches, water sports, the BEST food and super chill people.

This was my first time exploring Maui and there's no doubt I'll return! I wouldn't call it my favorite island in terms of beauty because I think Kaua'i is the most pristine of them all, but Maui definitely wins for best lifestyle. It's the one Hawaiian island where I could see myself living full-time. It has EVERYTHING you need to be happy including the social and entertainment components that Kaua'i lacks.

During our trip, I ran, hiked, ate tons of seafood, boogie boarded on crazy waves, SUP'd, snorkeled with sea turtles, and even went cliff jumping off of the infamous Black Rock!

Here's me in SUP mode. Our condo was right on the beach in a building called Noho Nani, which I highly recommend if you're the type who prefers renting a more private short term vacation rental versus a hotel or resort room. We used KBM Hawaii to book this rental in Lahaina, which was 1 of 3 great spots where we stayed and definitely my favorite. You can find it on, a resource I always use whenever I travel.


Here's Joe, equally excited to stand up paddle board...or maybe take a nap. 

Other highlights of the trip were discovering a gigantic sunflower field...

...going on an epic hike on the Waihe'e Ridge Trail, which is literally a vertical hike zigzagging through the very green and rugged West Maui Mountains.

Splashing around in waterfalls along the Road to Hana...if only we could've stopped at all of them!

Climbing rocks in the ocean on my favorite beaches in Lahaina. Btw, this is how you find the best shells. They get swept in by the waves and caught between the rocks.

And of course, making friends with the sea turtle you saw at the start of this blog post. The truth is we basically just watched him sleep after he swam ashore onto our condo's beach while we happened to be sitting there enjoying the sunset. It couldn't have been a more magical moment even though he was passed out within minutes. 

Somehow I managed to work out every day in Maui. I did lots of yoga and barre at Afterglow Yoga, where the classes are seriously on point!

There is just too much to show you when it comes to our trip (it's all documented on my instagram at @mizzfit_bianca). So i'll skip right to the end and show you why I'm constantly falling in love with Hawaii. 


                                Mahalo! XO, Bianca Jade


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