My Barre Socks Have Arrived! Let's Celebrate at the Barre!

Let's get SOCKED AT THE BARRE! I'm celebrating the launch of my Mizzfit Barre Sock Multi-Pack collaboration with Pointe Studio (the incredible makers of fashionable barre socks) and I hope you'll join me! The Mizzfit Multi-Pack will be available for purchase in November on Pointe Studio's fabulous website.

You can snag both pairs and a sculpting workout for an incredible deal on November 8th in NYC by coming to my event called SOCKED AT THE BARRE. Check out the invite below and make sure to sign up fast because we've got a limited amount of spots available.

I'm so thrilled to be hosting this event with the lovely ladies of KiwiSweat and Figures NYC. We've been planning this Fit Event for months--literally! So I can't tell you how ready I am to share the news and put the gift bags together :)

To enlarge the invite image above (for people who can't see so good like myself), just give it a click and it will expand. This event is an open to women who love barre fitness! The class will be taught by the founders of Figures NYC (more on them as you keep reading), and everyone who comes will get to wear my new grippy socks for the lean-muscle-strength-training and ballet inspired workout. I can't wait to see all your feet in the EKG and Blood, Sweat & Tears socks!

I'm still in shock that we'll be barre-ing at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, mostly because it was my dream location and the perfect place to host a ballet inspired workout. If you dream it, it will come! And I did. Thank you, Universe, for answering my request!

To sign up for this Fit Event, please download KiwiSweat's NEW app from Apple's App Store and look for SOCKED AT THE BARRE. Android users can click here to sign-up or by emailing to register.

The day of the event, you don't need to bring a thing except yourself dressed in fitness clothes. We'll have everything you need to break a sweat and work that body. Look for lime green KiwiSweat umbrellas as markers for where you should go once you enter Alvin Ailey (kinda like a yellow brick road).

So, about my SOCKS... Why did I create the Mizzfit Multi-Pack? Well, it was important to me to create a stylish, high quality barre sock duo (2 pairs!) because I’m the type of person who needs to feel good in my clothes before I can go anywhere. I’m confident when I love what I’m wearing. And if you know me and this website, my M.O. is fitness fashion.

But here's the problem that inspired me to action: I was tired of paying up to $16 for 1 pair of boring grippy socks at my favorite barre studios. I decided to give women (and myself) a better looking sock at a better price. Pointe Studio heard my grievance and together we got to work!

In the Multi-Pack there are 2 pairs of socks. One is called EKG and the other, Blood Sweat & Tears. I came up with these designs because I believe the following:

  1. Every fitness loving woman is on a mission to raise her heart rate, and
  2. Nothing worth having comes easy and without shedding blood, sweat and tears. As an entrepreneur, marathoner, fitness lover, dream chaser and innovator, I believe hard work is a true accomplishment.


A great man once said...

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”   -- Theodore Roosevelt

But socks are not enough to get you moving. No ma'am. That's why I carefully selected a team of out-of-this-world partners to put together a proper Fit Event to inspire you. I'd like to introduce Figures NYC. I've known founders Erin Carpenter and Rachel Nicks for several years now. In fact, Erin was my first barre instructor EVER when I nervously dipped my toes in the unknown depths of barre fitness waters.

Erin and Rachel created Figures NYC, the 1st barre studio in Harlem, to encourage women of all figures and ethnicities to try a workout that's for the most part only been available to select communities. I heart them immensely for this and can't wait for you to experience their tough moves.

Who doesn't love a succulent kiwi? The very reason these 2 ladies are making waves in the fitness scene. Alicia Thomas and Pam Graf are the gorgeous girlzz behind KiwiSweat. I know you've heard of KiwiSweat because they "popped up" in NYC several years ago as a pop-up fitness company offering special, word-of-mouth events in unique, scenic venues. Getting in on the action was a juicy score! That's why they had to bring you more.

They're latest offering, launched Sept 2014, is the KiwiSweat fitness app. The free app is a platform that lets cutting-edge instructors directly connect with clients, empowering premier instructors with a way to bring their custom methods directly to clients, and giving users the ability to discover, easily pay for and attend fun, new group fitness classes. Their genius invention makes SOCKED AT THE BARRE and tons of other Fit Events possible. Plus, if you're an instructor, you get the added benefit of seamless transactions, liability insurance, logistical support, and access to user ratings. Not bad!

Could Alicia and Pam have better smiles??? I want the name of their dentist.

So that's my story. I've got SOCKS and a fun SWEAT SESSION for you to jump in on and put them to use. I really hope to see you there and thanks for sharing this happy moment with me. xoxo, Bianca Jade


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