My Bikini Body with the Help of EMSCULPT by BTL Aesthetics

This post is sponsored by BTL Aesthetics

Have you noticed? I’ve been covering more non-invasive treatments lately. Not only is it trending but people clearly prefer a more subtle way of touching up their problem areas. I agree! You get to skip the excruciating pain, downtime, excessive treatment costs and prescriptions. Plus, it’s a lot less stressful when nothing gets punctured or cut open, right?

I’m pretty adventurous and inquisitive when it comes to body transformation procedures (as I’ve candidly dabbled in a few), but I’m also incredibly squeamish so I’ve really been enjoying this wave of non-invasive beauty. 

EMSCULPT is the latest non-invasive treatment I tried, which consisted of 4 visits to Juva Skin & Laser Center in New York City (where most of the clinical studies for EMSCULPT actually occurred).  I read up extensively on the clinically proven treatment, which is part of the BTL Aesthetics family of body sculpting procedures. EMSCULPT is the 1st and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that simultaneously addresses both muscle and fat. Sounds fantastic! Let’s do this! I showed up rip roaring ready to try it!

But nothing quite prepares you for the innovative experience of EMSCULPT because it’s like nothing else you’ve ever felt before.

I’ll take you to that moment of hilarious sensation in just a minute, because I want to explain why getting EMSCULPT was so important to me.

I’m a fit woman, and have been in shape for the majority of my life.  In my late 30’s, I’ve seen major gains in terms of the way I eat and exercise (which I do more wisely than I ever did in my 20’s) however, the reality of aging has not always been on my side. It takes a lot more of a fitness commitment for my abs to look as good as they did 5 years ago. My stomach is definitely not as flat as it used to be and my butt is not as perky.

These changes, which I call “the natural decline” aren’t easy to embrace as someone who’s always been very fit. I work hard so I expect my body to respond the way it has in the past but it doesn’t want to cooperate like that anymore. And listen, I’m OK with these changes even though I’d love to look like Jillian Michaels, who is still somehow rock hard at 44.  But let’s be honest, all the celebs out there have tried something. Wouldn’t you if you had access to it?

I’m no celebrity but anything I can do that’s within my budget are things I’m going to definitely try. Especially in the skin bearing summer time and prior to a beach vacation during which I intend to wear all my favorite bikinis.  EMSCULPT is designed to both sculpt and tone your stomach and buttocks.  It’s building muscle while it’s reducing fat in these areas.

How could I say “no” to that? These are the universal zones that always scream for help! Considering I eat well, exercise daily and live a very healthy lifestyle, I thought, ‘this could really take my body back to what it used to be 5 years ago’ when my results occurred faster.

So that’s why I signed on for the FDA cleared EMSCULPT. It’s safe…there’s no downtime…no needles…NADA! Bring on my bikini body! Plus, my trip to Ocho Rios in Jamaica, at this point, was only 1 month away.  Now, let’s rewind back to the part of my story where EMSCULPT literally tickled me pink.

The way BTL EMSCULPT is intended to work is that you are building muscle while simultaneously burning fat. It somewhat simulates an actual physical workout. During EMSCULPT, your muscles react to magnetic field technology pulses emitted from 1-2 applicators resting on the treatment area.

The picture you see above is of me getting EMSCULPT on my stomach. For this treatment zone, 1 applicator is applied to your tummy and all you have to do is lay down for 30 minutes while the pulses go off. But don’t think you’re getting off easy here because your body is doing work by contracting to all the pulses. You might even break a sweat!

With every energetic pulse, my stomach would respond with an immediate involuntary crunch. The feeling is insane—to the point of laughter! I was literally doing 30 minutes of ab-work without even trying, and I could feel my abs getting stronger as I laid there.

Keep in mind, you have no control over your stomach “crunching” during this time because your muscles are just naturally reacting to the treatment. It’s definitely a little shocking because you’ve never felt so much energy pulsing through to your abs. It’s not a natural feeling.

The key to tone your way through EMSCULPT is to just LET GO of your body and let it contract with the applicator. It almost feels like you’re outside of your body because you quickly learn to surrender control of your muscles to the treatment. Resisting the contractions won’t help your results.

After 30 minutes of EMSCULPTing my abs, I flipped over to get my butt treated. For this area, 2 applicators are necessary, one for each cheek.

Personally, this was my favorite part of EMSCULPT because my butt is definitely padded so there was less of a contracting sensation and more of a deep tissue massage feeling to it. I hope this very candid video makes you laugh! For the record, I'm wearing a g-string (because you keep your undies on during the treatment), you just can't see it.

This zone also required 30 minutes and it’s much easier to pass the time because you can comfortably read a magazine or a book while laying on your stomach.

The following photographs were all taken in Jamaica while on my vacation.  I was really happy with my results from EMSCULPT. Not only did I feel like my abs were more defined and tighter but I felt like my booty got a lift. This treatment worked really well in conjunction with my fitness routine. I’m a firm believer that no matter what transformational service you’re getting, you should always maintain a weekly and consistent exercise routine.

I took all my body contouring and skin bearing clothes with me to Ocho Rios because that’s how good I felt about my body. I wore my crop tops, my pencil skirts and daisy duke shorts. EMSCULPT definitely gave me an extra boost of confidence at the right time.

I would’ve worn my little bikinis with or without EMSCULPT but I carried myself differently knowing and feeling that my body was looking better than ever. Some people might say to me, “you’re always so fit, I don’t see a different…” and I get that but the person who sees a difference and the person I did this for is ME.

People always say if you don’t love yourself, you can’t maintain healthy relationships with anything or anyone in your life. It’s true.

I feel an enormous sense of happiness, self love and content with my body right now. I’ve put in a lot of hard work over the years and much of that work has involved making the right choices for my body type and for my positive self image. It’s not always about breaking a sweat. Sometimes it’s nutrition…weight loss…a new beauty product…or innovative body sculpting technology.

I know I made the right choice with EMSCULPT. It was so easy. A full series of 4 treatments over the course of 2 weeks amounted to a total of just 4 hours! My body felt firm, my butt looks perky again and I’m embracing the rest of the summer empowered and loving how I look at 39.

So, should you get EMSCULPT? My recommendation for you is to...

  1. Check it out if you’re averse to more invasive procedures.
  2. Make sure you’re willing to commit to at least 3-4 sessions.
  3. Do your research! EMSCULPT works exceedingly well on persons with a lower BMI and who are already engaged in a consistent fitness routine.


Thanks for reading! XO, Bianca Jade

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by BTL Aesthetics. My story, results and writing are all authentically my own. I chose to work with BTL because I believe in their body trasnformational technology and wanted to share their advancements and my personal results with readers.




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