My Life, TV and Skincare: Let's Catch Up!

I'm a "yes" girl, and when opportunities come knocking, I always answer the door. But let me tell you, it's not easy chasing your dreams, and sometimes I'm so exhausted I just want to slam the door. A wise professor once told me in college, "You can sleep when you're dead." And this is what I constantly replay to myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm sharing this with you because oftentimes people think what I do is super glamorous. The truth is that it's never without stress or lack of sleep.

So, this is catch up blog to tell you what's been going on with me. Can you guess that I've been working a lot? It's been insane. The travel has worn me down a lot but I have to say, I couldn't be more passionate at the moment (and maybe that's the problem, lol!) I'm working with a line of skincare that is a dream-come-true level project. It's a new line, which I've really made my own, allowing me creative say in everything we do.

You've probably noticed I've also been doing a fair amount of TV promotion for this skincare brand, which is called PURattitude. It's been a lot of work because we recently launched a new Self Tanning + Anti-aging collection called PURradiance. When you launch something new, it takes a while for people to warm up to it, especially if you're not a household name yet. I love this phase of working with brands because I get to put my marketing and pyschology background to use. Hosting and selling products is a true skill, but appealing to consumers in an authentic, relatable way is an art. It's what I truly love to do.

I never thought I'd be doing home shopping and there's always this stereotype that the women who work on the show are caddy and compete with one another. It's the furthest thing from the truth. The women I work with on Evine Live have been like sisters and mothers to me, helping me learn the ropes and do my job better. I almost cried the last time I was there, because host Lynne Schacher really took me under her wing and gave me a sense of confidence I was lacking on that particular day. As women, we really need to help and believe in each other. There are too many of us out there who want to tear each other down out of jealousy or who knows what. We can't be that way because we hold so much power to advance as a gender that by tearing each other down, we only hurt ourselves.

Since I've been working SO MUCH, I've had less time to invest in myself. My focus has been on training for the marathon, getting my new website up (which is delayed AGAIN!), and finding the little pockets of time I have to spend with friends and family.

I'm really looking forward to an upcoming travel gig to Jamaica in a few days (make sure you're following MY INSTAGRAM to catch all my pics) and then I'll be taking some much needed family time (with the puggles, of course) back home in St. Louis where I'm originally from.

I talk about self care all the time, but sometimes I don't give myself enough of it! I recently learned a new technique taught to me by the amazing Barbara Barna (one of my hosting coaches here in NY). It's called the SAR METHOD. A lot of people use it in interviews to help answer questions better. But I've been using it in my every day life. It stands for STOP, ACKNOWLEDGE and REFRAME.

It's easy to feel or project negativity and doubt when you're overwhelmed. I do it all the time. But now, I'm stopping the negative belief, acknowleding the situation at hand and reframing my response, action and emotion in a more positive way. This method has been helping me deal with my stressful work schedule and maintain a clear mind. You can always turn something difficult into a more pleasant experience. Have you ever thought about creating your own personal mission statement? It'll help REFRAME you and bring you back to your WHY. I found this one at Evine Live that you can use a starting point to create your own. I'm working on mine this weekend!

As I write this, I'm literally staring at my suitcases and realizing I need to start packing for my trip. PURradiance is coming with me because I refuse to bake in the sun. It doesn't help out with my melasma condition (you can read about it here) and it AGES YOU! I'd love for you to check out our "Soft" Tanning system out here. It gives you a natural looking, buildable and even golden glow. It's the kind of tan you want on your face and upper body. Nothing orange-y!

Let me know what you think! If you subscribe to my Mizzfit Quarterly Boxes, you'll be getting the system in our August mailing. I'm beyond excited about this. There's just so much happening, and I want to tell you EVERYTHING!

As always, leave your comments and questions below. I will always respond back to you! And feel free to email me here on my website too!

XO, Bianca Jade



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