My Skintastic Secrets for Safely Soakin' Up Sun. Plus a Giveaway!

I love exercising outside but I hate getting too much sun. I have this fear of turning into a wrinkly raisin-face or worse yet, the New Jersey Tanning Mom!!!

I'd rather take excellent care of my skin now than regret it later (even it if means not having the best tan or hiding under my floppy beach hat on a good hair day). The way I see it, if I'm going to be a cougar on the prowl when I'm older (I've been single this long so who knows), I'd like to be one that wags (or curls?) tails. Wouldn't you?

But here's the deal, you don't have to run for the shade like a Debbie Downer. There are ways to safely work out and lay out in the sun without scorching your skin.



1. Whether you're working out or laying out, don't spend more than 1 continuous hour in direct sunlight.

I know I sound like an over-protective mom right now but seriously 1-hour is plenty, especially during the summer! And if you feel like you're baking in the sun (you know that tingly sensation) then you probably are. Be smart and don't overdo your sun exposure or assume that just because you have olive or naturally dark skin that you're safe. Because you're not.

2. Wear sunscreen that not only protects your face and body, but that moisturizes, glistens and beautifies.

The more your sunscreen does for you, the more you'll use it. Cheap sunblock that leaves a white residue is FORGETTABLE and you'll never remember to apply it or take it with you. I use the sunscreens below regularly because they do more than just protect.

  • Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream SPF40 is superb for your face and gives you a nice base color and sheen that you can build on top of with your makeup. I wear it everyday no matter what I have going on because it brightens and evens out my complexion.
  • Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion SPF50 is kind of addicting because it feels and smells like body lotion, not sunblock. It's made to lock in moisture and protect you from the most harmful rays (UVA/UVB). You'll only get a light tan with it...and that's really all you need. There's only room for 1 N.J. Tanning Mom!
  • Coola Sport Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen Spray SPF35 is the most aromatic of sprays I've ever tried. It's made with nearly 100% organic ingredients and has kept me burn-free throughout a Napa bike tour and one of the hottest summer bootcamp sessions of my life.
  • Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer for body and legs with SPF20 is spectacular because it comes in tinted shades that smooth out and contour your legs. I use it on the models' legs for any fitness-fashion TV segments I do because the models always feel more confident with the extra boost of color and glow. If you have spider veins or anything like that, this is the best concealer with SPF!
  • Neova DNA Damage Control with Broad Spectrum Protection SPF 43 is probably the hardest working water resistant sunscreen I've tried (it lasts 80 minutes!). Do you spend a lot of time at the pool? Like to stand up paddle board or wake board? This stuff is made for people who live in the sun (even though my orders are for 1-hour only).

3. Don't bomb on balm. C'mon, you know the sun dries you out!

Keep your hands and lips moisturized when you're out there in the sun because people notice these parts of your body. I used to be a chronic nail and cuticle biter. I never realized how gross my habit was until I caught people I was trying to impress staring at my gnarly nails instead of paying attention to what I was saying. Can you blame someone for not wanting to hold a dry, cracked peeling hand? These 2 products rock for maintaining soft hands and kissable lips in the summertime:

  • Sarah McNamara Heal Everything Balm hydrates, soothes and relieves chapped skin. I use it on my hands but you can use it anywhere, even your face. It provides nice relief on on sunburned or irritated skin, and it's small enough to carry in your purse.
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 is a staple for conditioning and protecting my lips. Skip the tinted ones and just go for the original in clear. The color in the tinted balms is too saturated.

4. Style up and cover up with sexy tankinis, sunglasses and a hat.

I love a skimpy bikini (sometimes) but I happen to love my skin a hell of a lot more and don't want to risk harming it. So what I do is style up with accessories and apparel that provide coverage and win me lots of fashion brownie points.

I tend to burn the fastest and most painfully on my chest. It sucks. But now I avoid this problem by wearing tankini's for outdoor water-play and workouts like the yoga class I did in middle of Times Squares (see below). My favorite tankinis come from Luxe by Lisa Vogel and you can find the one I'm wearing (Foxy Lady Tankini) RIGHT HERE. It's my fave because the top is a loose peekaboo halter with a bandeau attached from the inside. When I wear it to workout people have no idea that it's made for swim!

For hats, make sure to pick one with a wide brim, tight weave if it's straw or built-in SPF. And as far as sunglasses, I say, the bigger the better! The skin around your eyes is incredibly sensitive and the first place to show signs of aging. I have a theory that big and/or wide sunglasses relax your squinting muscles and reduces premature crow's feet. But it's just a theory...

5. Fake your color with self tanning NOT tanning beds (yuck).

I am the queen of spray tanning and self-tanners. I've tried everything since the age of 14! Don't be afraid of going this route just because some people do it wrong. Yes, there are people who are completely unaware of how much orange is too much orange. But just listen up! Drugstore self tanners will turn you orange but a premium lotion or salon spray will not.

My advice is to cover yourself in sunblock when you're outside and then after showering, spend less than 20 minutes applying a premium self tanning lotion. Or, stop into a local high-end spray tan salon (I'm usually in and out in 25 minutes). Artificial color is so much better for your skin and you won't age as fast! These are my favorite ways to FAKE IT:

  • Sunsoak Age-Defying Self Tanner is my go-to facial self tanner because it gives me a nice realistic bronzy glow. There's nothing drastic about this lotion and you don't have to worry that you applied too much or too little because it's streak-free.
  • VersaSpa spray tan booths are AMAZING! I've never had better, longer-lasting color than when I used these booths. The Versa sprays you 3 times. Once to prep your color, twice to bronze your body and a third time to lock in the color with hydration. It even dries you without suffocating you with chemicals at the end. Find a location near you that has a VersaSpa booth HERE!

6. Exfoliate dead skin and let the new skin shine through.

What does this have to do with soaking up the sun? Well, a lot. When you exfoliate your face or other parts of your body, you're helping your skin cells turn over faster. You're getting rid of the dead top layer to uncover fresher skin with more luster. The more regularly you exfoliate, you'll notice a healthier glow, smoother skin and less blemishes. Which in turn means you'll look great and not feel so desperate for more color. In the past, I've definitely used "bad skin" as an excuse to tan and attempt to conceal my acne but in the long run it further irritated my skin.

Exfoliating can be life-changing...with the right tools! Do your research and get to know your skin type because a lot of exfoliators can be harsh on skin.

My mom gave me my Clarisonic Mia2 Skin Cleansing System as a holiday gift last year. After hearing me complain about breakouts and loving the results from her own Clarisonic, she decided it would be the perfect gift for me. And it was! I even travel with it, using it every other day and replacing the brush head once a month. It's easy, non-abrasive-feeling and you can use it in the shower. My skin has never looked better and it really does keep me out of the sun. The Clarisonic brush is brilliant. I've tried the cheaper copycat brands and they don't compare. So my advice to you is buy the real one and get a brush in a fun color or design.



I'm giving away the SUNSOAK Self Tanner from Tip #5. Here's what you have to do to win it:

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I'm picking a winner on August 29th, 2012. Can't wait to make someone's face nice and tan!




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