Need Workout Music? The Jane Doze Will Mix Some Up For You! Totally FREE downloads!!!


I'm completely addicted to working out to The Jane Doze.

I dare you to walk down the street or hit up your workout without feeling super energized when listening to their music. You've got to find out about these girls (The Jane Doze = Jen + Claire) because their mashup mixes will kick your workout into high gear. Plus I know you're getting tired of listening to that same mix you've had on your iphone forever.

Since their 2 years of getting together, The Jane Doze are on fire. They've had over 3.8 million YouTube/Vimeo views and over 1.4 million Soundcloud listens. Their first mix tape Girls Talk had 400,000 streams and 60,000 downloads. Lots of big numbers for just a couple of years on the scene.



My exclusive interview with the "Janes" (really Jen and Claire) about their music, style and FITNESS!


Sari Beth: I'm obsessed with your latest track, Follow Running Foxes (Zedd x Foxes x Deniz Koyu x Wynter Gordon x Youngblood Hawke). I see that it's climbing up the charts on Hype Machine.  Perfect way to ring in 2013. What inspired that mash-up?

Jen: We had fallen in love with the Zedd/Foxes Clarity track and knew we wanted to do something with it. We kept seeing a lot of remixes of the song but thought perhaps we could breathe new life into the track through a mashup. We wanted to create a fun track for people to play during their New Year's Eve parties. Hopefully we accomplished that!

Claire: The concept came to us when we put together our Haus of Doze mix last month - we had the three songs in succession and they worked so well together. 

Sari Beth:  It definitely got my party going on New Year's Eve! What got you two to start collaborating as DJ's? 

Jen: Our stories vary a bit on how we met. I remember meeting Claire at a show at Highline Ballroom -- however, she doesn't recall this meeting. I'll let Claire tell her side...

Claire: My first memory of meeting was at the Crush Studio two summers ago - we were there helping out during a recording session for a band we both worked with.

Sari Beth: So, I love your DJ name and logo. How did you arrive at that name?

Jen: It was a long process -- we went back and forth on it a few names, and had a hard time finding one that stuck. Originally we planned to remain anonymous, we felt it might be difficult to make a name for ourselves in the EDM world if people knew two woman were behind the Doze. When we mentioned the idea of anonymity to a friend she suggested "Jane Doe" -- from there "The Jane Doze" was born. 

Claire: To further that, the name "The Jane Doze" was not taken on any social network.

Sari Beth:  So you really felt like it was best to stay anonymous at first?

Claire: As women in a male dominated industry and scene, it's too easy to be written off and not taken seriously. we wanted to let the music speak for us, not photos. Today, though we've had photos of ourselves out for some time, people STILL think we're guys...they'll leave comments on our mixes "nice work man" "keep it up dude". 

Sari Beth:  That's so funny. Well I'm glad you proved that girls can make awesome music mixes too! I've been running and working out to your music since I discovered you. Your songs like Wide Awake All Night Long  and Follow Running Foxes have really motivated me on my outdoor runs. Are you into fitness? If so, what are some of your favorite workouts for staying in shape?

Jen: My recent addiction is yoga -- I'm hoping to suck Claire into it this year too.

Claire: I used to play a lot of sports - tennis, basketball, softball - but since moving to NYC 5 years ago I've kind of fallen off the work out wagon. I do walk a lot, though. 

Sari Beth: What music and artists inspire you at the gym? 

Jen: Usually when I go for runs I like to listen to electronic music, pop or hip hop. My favorites at the moment would have to be: Robyn, Madeon, Mackelmore. 

Claire: When I walk I like to listen to pop or progressive house - uptempo jams. 

Sari Beth: Style-wise, how do you dress to DJ?

Jen: Black on black on black. Always. Haha. I’m also lacking in the height department so i tend to wear wedge sneakers when we perform -- which still allow me to run all over the stage. 

Claire: Always black. Makes shopping easier - if you only buy black, everything in your wardrobe matches. for shows, comfort is key. we're pretty active...jumping, throwing things out into the audience etc. 

Sari Beth: You mix up tons of music--past and present--in your mashups. What did you listen to growing up that inspired you? Do you have a dream artist that you'd love to work with in the studio?

Jen: My parents played a big part in my musical influences early on -- from Springsteen to Billy Joel, Janis Ian, Heart, etc. As I began playing instruments in school & was influenced by peers my musical tastes broadened. Going to college in Miami exposed me to the electronic music world -- and it was then that I became interested in producing this type of music. Dream collab is Robyn or Sia.

Claire: I grew up listening to Motown...and Tina Turner records from the 80's. I've had a long time love for hip hop - the art of sampling is what first piqued my interest in making beats/mashups. I second Jen's dream collaborators, but I'd add Kanye West to the list. 

Sari Beth: So, what can we expect from The Jane Doze in 2013? 

Jen: More music. more remixes. more mashups. ORIGINALS. More shows. 

Claire: All the above.

Every mashup I linked to above is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

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The Jane Doze are playing TONIGHT at Kiss&Fly in NYC.

Catch up with the girls and find out about future shows HERE!


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