New Fall Season. New Hot Artists to Add to Your Workout Playlist!

I love the fresh feeling of fall but I totally dread having to layer up for my workouts. Music gets me through it though especially these 2 hot, new dance music artists: Ducky from NYC and Colette from LA. Get their workout tips and hot tunes to take your workout into the new fall season.


I live in NYC and am definitely dreading working out in the cooler temps. I spoke to Ducky (born Morgan Neiman) about how she gets motivated to workout.

Ducky is known for her infectious basslines and synths and sweet and stirring vocals that always gets the crowd moving. She's been spinning records since she was 16 and moved to NYC from San Francisco to start producing and recording music at age 17.  You can check out some of her music here.

When I found that Ducky is a fitness enthusiast, I wanted to find out what gets her moving... aside from her own music. She admitted that she thinks that summer is "honestly the easiest time to stay fit because it's freakin beautiful outside and it's much more fun to run half-naked than in 10 layers of technical running gear through melting snow".  However, Ducky loves weight-lifting because  "nothing makes you feel better or stronger or more ready to go do other kickass things than picking up some heavy shit and putting it down".

Ducky also likes to incorporate her running as a way of getting to social events: "You're sweaty, and red, and you probably smell, but god damn if you aren't pulling off that bra/shorts/knee-high compression socks combo". I'd have to agree that you will definitely turn heads at any party in that look!

Ducky's Top Ten Workout Songs

Here is a cool (and eclectic list of songs) that Ducky swears by for a kick butt workout..and will definitely expand your music horizons:

1. Melt - LV, Joshua Idehan
2. Find It – Ossie
3. Make It Difficult - Falty DL
4. What is Room 101 -  Martyn
5. E - Jack Dixon
6. The Blues (It Began in Africa) - Romare
7. Tron (Original Mix) - Blockage
8. Further - Lando Kal
9. Back to Life – VVV
10. Quicksand - Jacques Greene


TIPS from LA's Colette

I find myself California dreaming a lot these days...especially as the threat of frigid weather haunts me. I was excited to talk to Colette since she calls LA her home and I'm always a little obsessed with LA here in NYC when it's 12 degrees in February.

Colette is a music triple threat: DJ, producer and vocalist. Her experience as a veteran DJ (for the past 15 years) and love for 80's pop music and 90's house music inspired her 3rd studio LP When The Music's Loud (that just dropped at the end of August!). You can listen to her music here. There's a lot of vocoder/robotic songs in her music and I've been really into that sound lately so I'm loving Colette's new music.

I spoke to Colette about her workouts. She explained that "In the summer I like to take advantage of the weather and exercise outdoors: swimming every day that I'm home and avoiding driving whenever I can walk". She explained that chasing around her 2 year old has become a pretty intense workout that will definitely take her into fall. Also, she explained that even in LA (where I imagine that it's always perfect temperatures) she makes a transition to a fall workout: "When the weather becomes a little cooler I like to go hiking at Runyon Canyon. It's so beautiful out there that you almost forget that you're getting your exercise on."

Colette took on the challenge this summer of eliminating processed sugar from her diet. She switched to these raw desserts that only use almond meal, coconut and maple syrup. She insists that "they're actually really tastyyy" and she plans on sticking to this diet plan into the fall. I'm impressed!


Colette's Top Ten Workout Songs

Here's what's on Colette's exercise playlist these days. I was excited to see that some of my fave songs from past and present are on her list!

1. Good Life - Inner City
2. F For You - Disclosure
3. Let Me Show You Love - Romanthony
4. Phoenix - Daft Punk
5. Chi-Town Tour Guide - Jazzmopper
6. U Got Me Up (Underground Goodie Mix 93) - Cajmere featuring Dajae
7. World Clique - Deee-Lite
8. Elephant - Tame Impala
9. Punky Reggae Party - Bob Marley
10. Grind - Les Sins


So there you have it: workout tips and awesome tunes from the East Coast & the West Coast so you can start working out this autumn like a champ. I'm definitely going to be flexing to these tunes and I'll try to show up to some parties in a sports bra and compression socks like Ducky and maybe I'll even stop eating my favorite movie snack, Twizzlers, and start following Colette's no processed sugar diet.

What's on your fall workout plan? Let me know the comments section! xo sari beth




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