NKD NYC | A Non-Invasive Beauty & Wellness Oasis

Cryo Facial at NKD NYC

I recently spent the day at NKD NYC for a very different kind of spa day. NKD NYC is a Midtown NY based beauty & wellness oasis. It's small, private and very chic. They offer a range of treatments. As you can see from the video above, I had a cryo facial (my first!) along with a few other treatments that were entirely new to me. It's rare when I haven't heard of something because I've literally tried it ALL! But this place definitely introduced me to a few new things!

When you arrive to NKD NYC, it's a quiet entrance because they cater to top tier clientele and want your experience to be comfortable and un-exposed. There is always a nurse and practioner on staff.

Upon my arrival, I was led to a room with an Infrared LED Light Bed where I got to chill for 20 minutes. I'm a big believer in LED Light Therapy but I had never been in a bed like this before with both red and green LED lights. It takes about 10 minutes, but you will feel a relaxation high like no other! A session of 40 minutes ($75/session) is recommended in this bed, but I had a lot of other treatments to get to, so this one was cut short, sadly.

Second up on my NKD NYC agenda was an IV Drip, custom made for me by a registered nurse with Vitamin B and C, Magnesium, Zinc, Chloride and Glutathione. I had literally just learned about the benefits of glutathione so I was pretty excited to know my body was getting a big dose of it. I honestly felt so relaxed but also very revived after 30 minutes of chilling until all the yellow stuff made it's way into my arm.

IV Vitamin Drips are ideal when your body is dehydrated, hung over, fatigued and in need of restorative vitamins. It's also recommended before getting a body sculpting treatment as it hydrates the body and can speed up the healing process. These generally cost between $199-250. A customized drip is $250.

I then moved on to Cellutone, which is a fat blasting session targeting areas where you feel you have fat and cellulite you'd like to reduce. As you can see from my video below, my spot is the back thighs. And no, I'm not shy, LOL!

Without detering you from trying it, I have to say, I can't really tell whether this worked or not on me because I couldn't see a visible difference afterward. I was told this treatment works best if you remain consistent with it, something I probably wouldn't do. My best description of Cellutone would be vibration therapy. Personally, I don't think it's powerful enough to really make a dent in my thighs.

I think squats would do a way better job--something I'm definitely more religious about! But who knows, maybe it works. It's one of those things you really have to buy a package for and see. You can get 6 treatments for $600, which is way better than $200 for 1.

And then, this happened: EXILIS! I really liked this treatment, which can be used on several parts of the body from lips to stomach! It's the first aesthetic device to simultaneously transmit radio frequency and ultrasound energy. What this means is that your treatment is a lot more comfortable than if you had Ultherapy (ultrasound alone). And I promise you, it's so much better! I know because I tried Ultherapy (watch me get it here).

Results you can expect to see are plumping, lifting, smoothing and reduction of lines/wrinkles on the skin. Unlike Ultheraphy, you can get it done more often and it usually takes 2 treatments to see your best results. There's no down time, post-treatment pain or side effects. While you're getting it done, it merely feels like a hot stone massage but less hot.

I will definitely return for another session of Exilis as I absolutely LOVED IT! Along with the neck, areas around the eyes (crow's feet), tummy and the "wings" of the arm are popular for treatment. Staff at NKD NYC swear by it for plumping of the lips (which is a great non-invasive alternative to lip injections).

Exilis is not cheap and will cost you $400 per area but in terms of the effectiveness of this technology, I say it's definitely worth it.


Lastly, I had my cryo facial done, which was the easiest of all the treatments. It's cooling and immediately works to firm up your skin. If you have a big event coming up or an appearance of some kind that you want to look your best for, I highly recommend trying a cryo session. It costs $55/session but can be as low as $40 with a package at NKD NYC.

My non-invasive spa day was a complete delight. NKD NYC is a different kind of rejuvenation for the wellness fanatic that wants all the anti-aging fixings without the pain, pricking and downtime. My hunch is this is the future of skincare & health for the new crop of wellness warriors.

Check out NKD NYC at 200 West 57th Street, STE 308 in NYC // 212.256.0113 // info@nkdnyc.com



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