Not Your Typical Hard Partying DJ: Lindsay Luv Spins Fitness & Health And Doesn't Miss A Beat

DJ Lindsay Luv defies the usual stereotype of the late night, hard partying DJ by...(wait for it) a super healthy lifestyle. Surprised? I was. Most DJ's spin hard and play hard with little concern for tone and burn. But DJ Lindsay Luv doesn't miss a beat or a workout. She's famously known for being a  DJ to the stars and has been dubbed "Turntable Goddess" by Victoria's Secret where you can hear her music playing at all the big events including the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

I was lusting for an interview and what I found when I contacted her was that Lindsay was as ecstatic to talk about her fitness lifestyle as she was her musical work. How cool is that?  Check out my interview with DJ Lindsay Luv below, with links to her latest workout mixes featured at Lucille Roberts gyms.

Lindsay, you're seriously crushing the DJ scene. How did you get into DJing and what did you do before this?

DJ Lindsay Luv: My background was originally in the music industry having worked in business development at The Orchard, alongside the management team for The Raveonettes, as a DJ booker with notable house DJs and then in brand event marketing with emerging DJs and artists including Chromeo, Justice, Mickey Avalon, DJ AM, Busy P, Crystal Castles and so many others.

Since I worked on the business side of the industry for so many years I never thought it was a possibility to pursue a career as a DJ. Then my good friend, Adam Goldstein aka the late DJ AM, pointed out I should give it a whirl! I was always sharing my new music finds with him to check out for his sets and we connected in our love for music and breaking records. At the time there weren’t many female DJs but I went out and bought all the top vinyl-related equipment he recommended, taught myself how to DJ in a friend’s club basement during off hours, and the rest was history as clubs around NY started hiring me and things began to trickle out and up.

I've noticed that you are the Music Guru for some big name brands. Tell us about these collaborations.

DJ Lindsay Luv: I have worked with countless brands in a variety of ways whether it be developing an Anniversary mix for Perrier, recording my live sets to share within event recaps for the likes of NYLON and Blackbook, a custom playlist for New Years Eve in The Boston Globe, fitness mixes for celebrity clientele like Spice Girl Mel B and her fans and campaign mixes for Andrew Marc to name a few.  One of my proudest collaborations was my work both developing and programming Victoria’s Secret Radio station on!

How do you work with fitness brands?

DJ Lindsay Luv: Fitness and music go hand in hand-we all need great beats to get us moving, so my high energy mixes have pulled a huge following from fitness devotees, including former Spice Girl Mel B, who has her own line of fitness DVDs. I recently signed on to develop and curate fitness playlists for the women’s fitness chain Lucille Roberts to play both within their gyms and for anyone wanting to listen on-the-go on There is nothing worse than when you go in a gym and the music is all wrong.

How does fitness and health fit into your life? 

DJ Lindsay Luv: Fitness and health is very important to me. I make it work by not allowing myself any excuses: I think of my job as one like any other job that requires good sleep, full days of work, timeliness and responsibility. Once you start thinking you are the party, is when you forget that you are just there to create the party.

I hike about 3-5 miles 5+ times a week, and practice yoga at home. I also check in and get fitness tips from my incredibly talented trainer friend, Jason Land, who is the author behind the book Reclaim Your Body! I practice acupuncture and cook most of my meals at home using fresh ingredients. On club nights, I am still home by 2:30am and able to wake up by 8am. Plus, with driving everywhere here (in LA) I rarely drink any cocktails. 

What  are your best tips for staying healthy in a work environment that is either not very healthy or full of people not interested in their health?

DJ Lindsay Luv: It is important to treat each job like a professional. If you work in the nightlife industry, it is important to still remember that you are there to facilitate a party not be a huge part of it. If you work at a corporate office with snack foods everywhere, bring some plastic bags containing healthy snacks to stick in the fridge every week so when you are tempted you have your own pre-made healthy snacks ready to go. Also, getting out of the office for fresh air and a nice lunch walk is a great way to get your blood flowing even if you work from home...and sitting on a medicine ball is a great core workout! 


How do your fitness focused mixes differ from sets you put together for the nightclub scene?

DJ Lindsay Luv: I kind of think they often go hand in hand. A mix that gets people up and dancing at a nightclub would often double as a great mix to get someone up and moving for a workout. However I think the vocal remixes and mashups I use are the best for fitness mixes because people relate to the tracks but enjoy them in a new upbeat format. 

So, when I say "fitness music" what song immediately comes to mind that you love to mix?

DJ Lindsay Luv: Jump by Madonna! That song tells it like it is! Besides, who knows more about staying in shape than Madonna?!

I agree!  Aside from Madonna, who are your favorite artists/musicians for workout music these days?

DJ Lindsay Luv: Rihanna, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Madonna, and Martin Solveig.

How would you describe your fashion fitness style? What brands do you wear and where do you shop for sportswear?

DJ Lindsay Luv: My fashion fitness style is colorful and comfortable! All my fitness gear is from Victoria’s Secret! Between the fun stuff they have at PINK and their specific fitness ready VSX Sport section, they have the best colorful workout gear with so many choices and flattering fits! I LUV their PINK neon T-shirts, their VSX yoga pants and sports bras and their Supermodel Essentials hoodies! I always wear Nike Sneakers too! I love the new Air Retaliate kicks!

I love VS fitness gear too! What do you wear most--heels or sneakers--in the DJ booth?

DJ Lindsay Luv: I have back pain issues I am currently working on with an acupuncturist/physical therapist, so now I have to be extra sensitive to my footwear for extended periods of standing. I usually walk in with a great pair of heels on….and change into supportive sneakers behind the DJ booth. Fashion to Function! 


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