Pickup Your Routine By Embracing YOLO! 5 Tips To Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle.


You only live once (YOLO). It's a powerful concept that can make you do some pretty crazy things (brace yourself), like be more spontaneous, adventurous and fulfilled. I needed a little YOLO in my life, in terms of fitness, romance and learning a new thing or 2. How about you? When's the last time you put yourself outside your comfort zone? Here's how I did it, with some fitness fashion thrown in...



The Dodge Ram you see below (in desperate need of a car wash) lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with my family. I happen to be visiting there right now. This truck used to drive me crazy. It's way too big for me. Drives like a boat. It's definitely NOT my style. And it makes backing out of a parking spot in just about any parking lot nearly impossible. But what the heck, YOLO!!!

When I pull up to a yoga studio or when my Saint Louis friends see me driving by, the reaction is fantastic. I'm not-a-big-person driving a huge-ass-freakin-truck. I'd laugh too! It makes me realize that it's fun adopting something new into your life that isn't what people would expect of you. And then before you know it, it's a part of you and your identity. I brag about my pickup now and like to think it's the biggest one on the road.

Tip #1: Just go with it. Your style and taste is constantly evolving. You don't have to stick with what it's always been. But remember to maintain a sense of humor because that's what YOLO's all about.



Not because I want attention through my clothes. I just think of myself as a canvas sometimes, and I like to get creative. More than half the time, I think what I put together works. The rest of the time, people probably think I'm color blind or less than age-appropriate. Whatever. You could kill yourself worrying about what other people think.

The way I dress is a ME thing and the way you dress is a YOU thing. The minute you stop caring is when people stop you in the streets to ask "where did you got that?"

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to tell them because they'll never be able to put it together like you do. You wear your attitude first, then your clothes. That's why fashion never looks the same on different people.

The fit look I've put together is for a late afternoon or evening run, when it's cooling down and approaching dark outside.

Here's what I'm wearing so that you can style it in your own way:

  • Reflective silver run cap with perforated sides for ventilation. It reflects any light that falls on it, completely lighting you up at night to cars.
  • adidas Training Techfit Tank (in green) - Love that it's fitted and made with moisture-wicking Climalite. Sweat away!
  • adidas Techfit Strappy Tank (in coral) - This style has a looser fit which I layer over a tighter tank and knot in the back.
  • adidas Powerluxe No Fuss Run Short - The thick waistband, fabric and perfect length have made these shorts my go-to because nothing about them stresses me out. Right now they're only available in black so stay tuned for cool printed styles.
  • adidas Energy Boost Shoes - This shoe is a must for runners! It's simple in design and superior in comfort. It has an energy-returning boost midsole and the perfect balance of cushion and support for long distance running.
  • Amphipod LED Flashing Armband - I wear it on my arm so that other people on the street can see me, like cyclists and people walking their dogs. It tells them to go around me or get out of my way without being rude or having to say anything at all.

I hate to beat a dead horse but I'm working with adidas to promote all their new women's sportswear. You can check out my reviews, pictures and trend reports RIGHT HERE. They've got amazing gear out right now and much more down the pipeline which I'll cover here on MizzFIT.com.



It was fun. I've never done it before. I'm old-fashioned and usually can't handle dating more than 1 person at a time. But I wanted to try it...meet some cool people...see what happened and where it led. I deserve to have fun, right? And fun, I did...with all kinds of personalities I wouldn't ordinarily meet and loved getting to know.

But this girl is attached to an emotional heart. Once it plugs into somebody, it's hard to plug into anybody else. You unconsciously link and it's f-ing scary! Then, all the things that come with falling for someone inevitably fall on top of you. All I can say is that I tried it. I was carefree and stifled my big 'ol heart to have a little bit of fun. Your heart is your strongest muscle though, so just remember that, especially if you're the monogamous type that wants to experiment with serial dating.

Tip #3: Have fun on Tinder (or your dating app of choice) but don't take it seriously. Also, DON'T take my advice on love! I'm about 20 self-help books away from knowing anything useful.



I'll try and keep this brief because it's about one of my best friends and I don't want to embarrass her too much. But there are few people in my life who I adore and would do anything for. My best friend from preschool is one of them. I've known her for almost my entire life and she's always had my back, even when she thinks I'm a nutjob, which is usually always.

Fact: Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own life...and I forget about the beauty going on in other peoples' lives. I wasn't around when Megan gave birth to her eldest daughter, Gilly. I didn't do the things I was supposed to do and would've liked to do...and I totally regret that. But this time around, for her 2nd pregnancy and birth of Quincy, I was there.

Because the way I see it, you only live once to see your best friend give birth for a 2nd time. And you only live once to make RIGHT on all your past WRONGS. That look that Megan's giving me above--I remember that look from when we were kids. I live for that look because I know it means she's happy.

Tip #4: There's no pursuit of or price tag on happiness. It's all around you. You just have to let it seep in and bleed out. Take a penny. Give a penny. Just don't hoard 'em.



I dug up my skateboard from when I was a kid...from when I wore baggy skater pants I swore were sexy. This time around, I gave it a go in a MizzFIT tank, my adidas Techfit Boy Shorts (which I know are sexy) and Energy Boost sneakers.

No more baggy pants for me! I work hard to show off this butt and the Boost sneaks feel good because their flexy upper lets me grip the board with my toes and their bouncy sole lets me jump off easily when I lose my balance.

I spent all night, last night, outside my house skateboarding while my dogs watched from the lawn. Didn't fall but came close to it a few times. I feel like a fitness-dork saying this, but it was AWESOME! My skateboard is soooo old and and I have no skillzz but it felt really good to be outside and PLAY.

It's totally different than working out because you're focused on the thrill, not on calories burned per hour or what part of your body you worked the hardest. It's a mind-eraser. You just can't think of anything else or you'll fall! I'm hoping to upgrade to a Sector 9 Longboard once I figure out what the hell I'm doing (#needmorepractice).

Tip #5: Don't just work out. PLAY! And always look for stuff that takes your mind off "stuff".

So when's the last time you put yourself outside your comfort zone?

Do you subscribe to YOLO? Tell me your last YOLO moment and how it changed your life. Do it in the comments section below! THANKS for the read and for sharing your own story!


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