Power Through Your Period! #GetInMotion with Me!

I get the worst periods. We all do. It can be hell on earth some months, right? Especially when it hurts to move. But it’s actually common knowledge in the women's health world that if you maintain physical activity while you’re menstruating that you can actually alleviate cramps, bloating, aches and pains.

It all comes down to circulation, breathing fresh oxygenated air, drinking lots of water and getting your endorphins going. I like to equate it to working out while you’re going through heartbreak. At the beginning, you’re like “how could this possibly make my situation any better?” But once those beads of sweat start forming and you’re releasing toxins and somewhat forgetting about HIM (or her), exercise feels like the best idea you ever came up with!

Scorned lovers and periods need to be dealt with in the same way, because ultimately the pain will pass. You just have to get in motion to speed up the process! Pushing through your period is possible when you have the right type of protection keeping you covered and worry free. I recently discovered Tampax Pearl Active which has MotionFit™ Protection that provides up to 100% leak-free workouts. This way you don’t have to worry about leaks mid workout and can focus on giving your workout your all - talk about game changer!

That’s why I’m presenting you with this 28-day challenge: stay active for 28 days straight, which will help you form a healthy new habit! It takes 21 days to form a habit and the average menstrual cycle is about 28 days, therefore you’ll get your period during the challenge.  Try something different each day, whether it’s high or low intensity, or even a brisk walk around your neighborhood and make sure to power through your menstrual cycle with workouts that keep you energized. One idea is to take a quick jog to your local CVS instead of walking to pick up any last minute essentials and stock up on Tampax Pearl Active. With my busy schedule sometimes even sneaking in a quick jog while I running errands helps!

I realize you might not feel your best and think your “condition” will get in the way of your athletic performance. Eliminate that way of thinking immediately because only the strongest athletes venture out on the yucky days. It’s just a matter of telling yourself you can do it. So I’m challenging you to get out there!  I did it yesterday, on my period, in the pouring rain. It felt so great afterwards.

My advice is to make sure you’re safeguarded with Tampax Active Pearl so you don’t have to worry about discomfort or leaking while you’re in the zone. I’ve been using Tampax Pearl for as long as I can remember (nothing feels better to me) and the Tampax Pearl Active line is godsend because of the MotionFit Protection that is designed to move with you. I’m a yoga girl and HIIT lover, so I move and twist around quite a bit. Feeling unrestricted is critical especially during my time of the month.

Here’s how I plan to tackle the #GetInMotion challenge… I’ll be working out 1-2 times a day, starting off the week with a high intensity HIIT workout plus a vinyasa yoga class. The following day I’ll do a medium intensity workout like cardio barre or jogging, followed by a third day of hot power yoga. Then I’ll repeat the rotation adding in variation where I need. One of the classes in my lineup will most definitely be PWR at 305 Fitness Studios in NYC. It’s a fast paced, strength training and cardio class set to dance music and lots of positivity. A good choice when your period has you in a mood.

What does your routine look like for the #GetInMotion challenge? Tell me for your chance to win a year supply of Tampax Pearl Active. I mean, really, how awesome is this? You won’t have to run to the store or be inconvenienced when you least expect it FOR A VERY LONG TIME!

To enter this giveaway, show me that you’ve accepted the challenge! Simply tag me and @Tampax on an Instagram post on your public Instagram account using #GetInMotion. I better see you working out, can’t wait to see all those sweaty selfies! 

Go purchase your Tampax Pearl Active at CVS and let’s #GetInMotion! Their  feminine care aisle offers all the different absorbencies and with this new packing from Tampax Pearl Active white box really stands out. If you’re into buying your tampons online, check out this link. Personally, I prefer buying the box that includes multiple absorbencies. This way you are protected from your heaviest days to your lightest.

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post in partnership with Tampax and CVS as I have been a longtime loyal user of their products and absolutely love their Active Pearl line for fitness. I go to CVS at least a few times a week and they’re always my go-to spot for purchasing my feminine hygiene products. Everything I’ve written and shared with you is completely authentic and true to my experience and personal opinions. I sincerely hope you’ll try the Active line and join the challenge with me!



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