REVEALED: My Best Kept Fitness Fashion Secret



I wasn't intentionally keeping this from you. I hadn't thought about sharing until I realized what a lifesaver this little secret of mine had become in my daily fitness routine. Is the suspense killing you yet? Well, you're about to find out...



But unfortunately working out produces all kinds of stinky "fragrances". Don't get me wrong, I use deodorant! I also wash my workout clothes with the best smelling detergents I can find. Sometimes that's not enough though.

If you exercise a lot like me, then you know that odors can linger no matter how many times you wash, scrub or Febreze. This is a problem--because it's embarrassing if you're out in public and there's a noticeable odor coming from your direction. No one wants to be around that! Even YOU want to run away from yourself.



Why? Because it kills the worst of rancid workout odors. I was going to keep it all to myself but then I figured, hey, this might save the lives of some innocent nostrils. It will most definitely save you time from over-washing your fitness gear or even from giving up and unnecessarily throwing it away.



I'm pretty sure you do. Check your laundry room or cabinet, or just go buy a box. They're not expensive.

dryer sheets



Stuff your fitness gear, taxidermy-style, with the dryer sheets! See how I've done it below by sticking the sheets in my yoga mat, weight-lifting gloves and even my sneakers.

dryer sheets best kept secret fitness fashion tip

Whether it's a pair of sweat-drenched boxing gloves or a gym bag expelling toxic fumes ----> put out the stink bomb pronto with a handful of dryer sheets! Trust me, it long as their scented. Choose something nice, like Lavendar Serentiy (this is actually my "parfum" of choice). And don't be afraid to use more than 1 sheet (kind of like toilet paper). When it comes to your dirty laundry hamper, give it the layered cake approach. You'll thank me when you're doing your laundry (a month later) and your nose doesn't sting.

Just like a well kept secret, your sweat shouldn't permeate a room. Dryer sheets will take care of the problem, especially for gear you can't throw in the washing machine. U by Kotex is just as savvy with products that make sure you’re covered in the most inconspicuous way.


u by kotex logoU by Kotex* products come in a variety of absorbencies and sizes, so you're covered whether your flow is heavy or you just need backup protection.


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