Rock The Waves This Summer! Let Singer-Surf Girl Lee-Ann Curren Be Your Muse!

Surf girl style & workouts are HOT this season! I spoke to surfer/rock star Lee-Ann Curren for some inspiration. This girl surfs and rocks out all year long (and her hometown is a surfer's dream: Biarritz, France)...she's totally my new Musique muse. Lee-Ann surfs the most amazing waves across the globe and then dries off to take to the stage with her band, Betty the Shark. Here's the story...

Lee-Ann The Surfer
She grew up surfing with her family (both her parents surf...and her dad is surf champion Tom Curren) and then started doing a few contests when she was 15. After realizing how much she loved competing and getting "some decent results" (she's a European Junior Champion!) she got sponsored by ROXY.  Lee-Ann has been competing and traveling around the world with her surfboard ever since!

Lee-Ann The Music Lover

When she's in the water, Lee-Ann listens to faster music especially if it's a small competition. When the waves are big, she likes to relax to more mellow beats. These bands are on her playlist: Queens Of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey, and Warpaint.

Lee-Ann The Fitnessista

I'm always so curious about what surfers do to cross train and Lee-Ann tells me that she favors yoga and Braziilan Jiu-Jitsu (which she does in her native France). As a member of team ROXY, her closets are full of it. Like this uni-short style wetsuit below which MizzFIT swears she's going to wear on the Hudson River this summer (I can't wait to see that...but does MizzFIT know you can't wear leg warmers to surf? Someone please let her down easy!)

Lee-Ann The Rocker

Lee-Ann started her band Betty The Shark with her bandmate back in high school in 2005. Surfing and traveling have been major inspirations for her music...and I can definitely detect a surfer rock style to their music like Palm Tree (one of my faves!). Lee-Ann explained:

You get little melodies stuck in your head when you are surfing, sometimes they will end up being a song.

Aside from getting inspired by her sport, Lee-Ann's musical influences include some awesome bands like The Pixies, Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire.

Here's a video of Lee-Ann playing with her band:

If you want to catch Betty The Shark, they are touring around France and Spain in June and July with a new music video dropping by the end of May. Lee-Ann will be competing at the Roxy Pro in her hometown of Biarritz, France next July and in the meantime she is planning some fun surf trips in the next few months. Now there's an idea for a great summer trip to go on with friends. And if you don't know how to surf, go somewhere that teaches you how!

Screenshot from video by Bastien Bonnarne of Betty The Shark performing at The Rock Shop (in NYC)

Wanna Rock A Stylish Surf Girl Look This Summer?

Check out these wetsuits! The first is by Roxy (full-body) with a key storing pocket in the sleeve. Smart design for sure.

My other faves this season are by Cynthia Rowley. They're definitely more fashion-y and sexy but what's the problem with that, right? Just get yourself a good waxin'! Find these and a bunch of other gorgeous Cynthia Rowley surf styles HERE!

You can follow Lee-Ann Curren on Twitter and Facebook or her blog and check out Betty The Shark's website & download their EP for FREE!

What are your thoughts on surfing? Ever try it? Wanna try it? What did you wear for it?





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