SoulCycle's Kym Perfetto Proves That You Can Pursue TWO Dreams At Once

(Photo courtesy of Deneka Peniston)

I recently attended Nike Women's NTC event where Kym Perfetto (with Lacey Stone and Deanna Jeffereson) led a group of over 200 women in a kick butt workout class. All this epic fitness magic transpired on the court where the Brooklyn Nets play. As I watched Kym Perfetto rock out the workout (and even run through the crowd making sure no one cheated on their push-ups), I was mesmerized by her outgoing stage presence. 

Kym Perfetto is used to being stage center, whether it's at SoulCycle teaching her classes or performing for her band, No Way Josie (whose album Freakness just dropped and it's amazing). Kym is a natural in the spotlight but how on earth does she do it all, especially for 2 careers that don't have much overlap? Kym gives me the answers to the success behind her double life of spin star/rock star.



Kym landed in NYC with the classic dream of becoming an actress and performer. She still had to pay the bills while pursuing her dream so she took a job working the front desk at a gym.  She ended up deciding to get her NASM fitness training certification and in the dead of winter a friend asked her if she'd be up for picking up a couple of shifts as a bike messenger. Kym accepted and became the only female at her company. She saw it as a great way to work out (if you haven't already noticed, this girl is the living definition of "non stop") and make some cash at the same time...but it also led her on the road to both of her major careers today!

Kym started teaching spin classes (while also bike racing outdoors) and is now one of the most sought out spin instructors in NYC. She invented the Soul Bands class at SoulCycle which has been featured in Vogue and New York Magazine. Try it out and you'll be hooked! It's truly a full body workout on a bike including intense ab work. Aside from kicking butt and taking names at the SoulCycle studio, Kym has trained everyone from Lady Gaga to Madonna. But that alone was not enough to fulfill her. Kym has always had acting aspirations and she loves to sing. What moves me about Kym is that she believes in the double-dream.



Even though Kym had achieved so much success in the fitness world, she did not give up on her dream to become an actress and performer. She was not only in the feature film Premium Rush as a bike messenger (as well as stunt riding for the lead actress) BUT her band No Way Josie just released their first album, Freakness. Kym met her band member Drew in the bike racing world and they have been collaborating on music ever since. They just performed at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn and their music gets any party started whether it's in the gym studio, your bedroom or a late night dance club. I highly suggest working out to the song Want It Back because it will take you to a super energetic level. Kym literally woke up in the morning with this song in her head and the beat suggests that she had a high energy spin class on her mind (among other things) when she wrote it.

Here's a photo of Kym performing the other week with the band. Kym describes her style as either casual or costume but rarely classy. However you want to label her look, I think she's straight up stylin' in this leotard wrapped up in Christmas lights! What do you think?

(Photo courtesy of Deneka Peniston)


So Kym Perfetto is living proof that you can pursue TWO dreams at once, right? The reason why her story appealed to me beyond the creativity of her music and fitness is that I, too, am also pursuing 2 of my dreams at the same time. I first moved to NYC for college and stayed here to pursue a career in music & sports journalism. However, I am equally passionate about education & academics and I fulfilled this by becoming a high school teacher. These two careers are not conventionally paired together but I have found a way to make it work. It definitely takes hard work and some major multitasking to pursue both my dreams...but it's worth it when I can spend the day teaching teenagers and then my evenings working out and interviewing inspirational women like Kym.


Do you have more than 1 dream job or life goal you're pursuing?

I'd love to hear your story and career ambitions. Please share in the comments section below.


To keep track of Kym's SoulCycle schedule, nutrition, fitness and music tips check out her website and follow her on twitter.

Want more info on Kym's band, No Way Josie? Here's their website.




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