Springblade Sneakers, Target Underwear, and How I Lost 20 Pounds and Kept It Off!


This is surely a random post but sometimes "random" makes for the best kind of interesting.

I've got so much to say this week on many topics so I'm just throwin' it all into 1 big pot. But the highlight of what I've got to say has to do with a new shoe that is propelling my runs and reminding me of how good it feels to fly again. Are you "flying" through your workouts? If not, it's about time you did. Maybe what I have to say will help???


I got Springblades from adidas to test out.

I fell in love at first sight...something I've been doing a lot of lately. Is it in the air or something? But I digress, so here we go: I fell in love with the Springblade sneaker in Portland, Oregon when adidas invited me up. OMG! Oscar Pistorius feet, I thought to myself! I wanna be a blade runner when I grow up. And now I am, in the pinkest way possible.

Luckily you can live the dream too because the shoes officially became available for sale today! They're sick and the ride they'll take you on is smooth, so long as you don't go in the rain - #BiancaFail! I promise, the Springblade is not JUST esthetically pleasing. It's a neutral shoe designed to propel you forward with its flexy upper and bottom blade system. Basically the way the shoe works is that the more energy you put into it, the further the shoe will take you. Liiiiiiiiiiterally.

The blades are measured and positioned to transfer energy in a reverse domino effect fashion—pushing your force and momentum (or whatever you've got to give) along their rows so that you can launch forward and carry your all your energy where it should be (in the balls of your feet and towards the front of your body).

I’ve tested hundreds of running shoes…often to my detriment and injury. I LOVE THESE because I feel the range of motion in my feet but not the range of grooves in the road. I'm just kind of OVER that trend.

Sorrrrrrry, Mr. Harvard Professor and pack-running South American Indians. I'm over it and ready for something new that feels good without destroying my feet.

**UPDATE: Springblades are ON SALE at Adidas for $150 - Click here for the promo!

Skipping forward to the "how I lost 20 pounds and kept it off" part.

You know I keep it real with you. Often telling you waaaaay too much. But I can't lie. I went through a terrible breakup full of stress and regrets. I couldn't eat. There was also the pressure of looking good on TV, which has become a bigger part of what I do. It all kind of came down on me. And I used the stress to weed out all the damage I'd been doing to my body for years.

I took the opportunity of my life feeling crushed by a wrecking ball to detox. I only ate healthy stuff. Goodbye candy, fries, lasagna, decadent oatmeal and my unique way of making cereal since childhood (with Nesquik chocolate powder). Let's just say I nearly went vegetarian but then I took a turn (since this country-born girl has no problem killing chicken or fish) by checking into a Gluten-Free lifestyle.

To this very minute as I type away these very words, I have kept every pound of weight off. And it has NOTHING to do with my ex (who actually told me I was fat). It has everything to do with loving myself and wanting to do right by my body. I thought bread and I would be forever bonded (or at least me and banana walnut muffins), BUT NO. I'm over that fluff too! I want food that makes me feel good and doesn't destroy my confidence.

I'm not telling you to follow suit AT ALL. I'm just sayin' this is what works for me. When it comes to fitness, food is a huge part of the equation that leads to your desired results. I think it's important to identify and admit--like really admit--what you're doing that is keeping you from reaching your goals. Once you do that--you'll fly! Fly through your workouts...your meals...your life! Everything needs to fit together from the food you chew to the way you sweat.



My favorite parts of fitness are often the things that go unnoticed. Like workout underwear. There are so many cute styles and brands of stretchy, moisture wicking panties. BUT NO ONE BUYS THEM! It kills me. I just don't get it. Especially since they're so cheap (at Target). FYI, I'm NOT being paid to say this. I wish I was but I'm not. I'm the girl shelling out $5/pair with a huge smile on my face because they make me feel good when I work out.

Girl, you know who you are if you're wearing the wrong kind of workout underwear--all bunched up, uncomfortable, cotton-y and sweat-soaked, panty-line forming and just overall really embarrassing. At $5 a pop, I have no sympathy for you. Just go to Target and take care of the situation. If you buy the 2 pairs you see above, we'll have matching underwear and that will be our little non-secret. If stripes and animal print don't do it for ya, the Xhilaration brand makes all kinds of styles and prints that will.


One last thing...I'm reporting for adidas on the regular.

And that's exactly where you can find more of my reviews on adidas sportswear and their latest developments in performance gear. So check me out on their Women's Training page. If you like my ramblings, maybe share it...tell the world or buy something (go for the Springblades).



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