Stagecoach Inn: A Cozy Hudson Valley Retreat

Welcome to Stagecoach Inn! I hope you enjoy this review of mine as much as I enjoyed the 2 days I spent here at Stagecoach Inn in Goshen, New York. You're probably wondering, where on earth is Goshen? At least that was my first question when I heard about the little town. I've spent 17 years in New York state but had never heard of it.

Goshen is a town nestled in the Hudson Valley region of many inns. It has a quiet and relaxed vibe but don't underestimate it because it's got a lot of history to it! Goshen is a wonderful place to retreat to in the coldest of winters or the warmest of summers! I personally loved it because it was a short drive from New York City for me to reach: a whopping 30 minutes without traffic.


I was drawn to Stagecoach Inn on January 10th of 2019 because the holidays had just passed and the idea of going somewhere quiet, cozy and charming was a dream. I rented a car and before I knew it, I was driving into the curved driveway of 268 Main Street. Stagecoach Inn is a big white house that was renovated and refurbished by it's owner who is an event planning professional. She and her husband fell in love with the home, which dates back to 1747 as an inn, restaurant and social/supper club for travelers riding through the area or visiting the famous Goshen horse racing track down the street.

Wife and husband owners Faith Ferguson and Ron Boire have done a beautiful job of decorating the inn. From the minute you enter, you feel right at home. It's quite spacious and designed for lounging and relaxing with a cocktail in hand. There's even an old elevator that isn't there just for looks because it works, taking you up to the inn's bedrooms on the 2nd floor. Grab a pic of yourself in it for instagram or just enjoy the slow ride up :)

When you arrive at the 2nd floor of the inn, you'll see a comfy sitting room or foyer that lends itself to beautiful photography or a spot to regroup with whoever you're sharing your inn experience. This was where me and my travel partner figured out our plans for each day of exploring.

Our room was the Margo room, named after one of the previous owners of the inn. I couldn't have asked for a better room because I soon found out that Margo had once been on the Johnny Carson show sharing fitness tips! How funny is that? I share fitness & health tips on TV as part of my career, so I felt this room was the perfect selection.

As you can, the Margo room gets a lot of light and has a nice big, fluffy bed.  It was a dream to both nap in and fall fast asleep in at night. Across from the bed is an exquisite fireplace that warms up the room in minutes. I have to admit, my favorite part of coming to the inn was the time I spent inside my room because it was so cozy and I felt safe and tucked away where no one could bother me!

Yes, there was a TV. But it was not the focal point of the room. It's on a dresser off to the side and I chose not to photograph it because we didn't use it until we were tucked in bed. But it has all the movie channels you if you decide you don't want to explore Goshen or the bordering towns, you're set with in-room entertainment. I noticed other guests getting lost in the pages of the many books shelved at the inn. They have a nice collection!

The picture you see below is one of the dining space at Stagecoach where I had breakfast every morning. This sunlit room is the closest to the kitchen and awaits you like a big smile when you come down the stairs (or the elevator). The caretaker at the inn made us breakfast both mornings and it was delicious! Dinners at the inn are even better though! You'll spy a fair amount of Hudson Valley locals socializing around the bar and a few of the side rooms. It's a popular place to have dinner with large groups or on a date.

Stagecoach Inn also caters to parties, weddings and other special events. During my stay here, there was one such large party that being set in one of the convertible atriums. This space felt like it was outdoors because of all the windows but it was warmly heated and lit up for everyone's comfort. Even though I wasn't dining at this table, it was so pretty I had to capture it.

But here I am below, sitting at the bar. This is the view from one of the main socializing/dining areas where there's a big fireplace. I love the arched pass through into the bar. It connect these spaces nicely. All the rooms flow so well into eachother, but they're so different from one another in vibe. At the bar, you can find the nicest bartenders dressed in very classic aprons who are exceptionally passionate about mixology. We loved talking to them and found they brought a nice, youthful energy to the establishment.

The bar and cocktails are such an integral part of the Stagecoach experience that owners Faith and Ron decided to start a weekend mixology series. I watched the staff set up our small classroom. How beautiful does it look?

I stepped away from mixing drinks for a moment to take this shot of our small class. It was a nice way to socialize and start up conversations. Sometimes when you go to an inn, you don't speak to other guests unless you're dining next to them. I really liked having this hour to meet new people...and get a little tipsy!

Overall I must say my experience at Stagecoach Inn was incredibly pleasant! I can only imagine what it's like being here in the summer when temperatures allow for more outdoor exploration. We headed to the nearby town of Warwick for lunch and some shopping. That's actually where I bought the fabulous leopard faux fur that I'm wearing in the picture below. However, when it's cold outside, it's more fun to lounge at the inn and take advantage of doing nothing other than relaxing, eating and drinking.

I will definitely return in the summer though when getting out of the car in shorts and a tank top is more of an option. The sad part is just that I probably wouldn't spend as much time at the inn. It's why you have to experience going there at different seasons. When you go, get acquainted with Carriann who's the innkeeper, and inquire about the bakeries, wineries and yoga studios in town. There's a lot to do...but like I said, I really didn't want to leave the inn much while I was there. It was absolute heaven. For more information, you can email

XO, Bianca Jade



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