Style Your Fit Look Like A Pop / R&B Singer. Sabi Breaks It Down.


You've heard Sabi's catchy vocals on hit songs with Cobra Starship and Britney Spears

In case you need a recap, here ya go:

Cobra Starship You Make Me Feel...

Britney Spears (Drop Dead) Beautiful

Now Sabi is taking center stage recording her debut album for Warner Brothers. With her already released tracks like Champagne and Where They Do That At (featuring Wale) as well as the song she recorded with Diplo, Barely Standing, Sabi shows that she's not just another pretty pop star. Although she IS, indeed, very pretty.

These songs have some major urban swagger and a raw edge reflecting Sabi's love for alternative rock and urban music...and these club bangers are perfect for pumping up your next gym playlist. Sabi stepped out of the studio to share some of her inspiring style and hot music tips for working out. 


** My interview with the fitness-loving-songtress, Sabi, below! **

ME:  Epic fitness fashion video! What fitness fashion look/color scheme are you rocking the most these days at the gym?

Sabi: Right now I'm pretty much still into stretchy fitted fun printed tights and tops for my workout. It inspires me to be able to see what I want to tone and work on....with fitted clothes on I can see exactly what I want to get right.

ME: Good tip on the fitted clothes. Definitely keeps you honest! Your statement on your website about wanting to make a difference in the world and everyone around you through your creative outlets is really moving. How does this goal influence your creative expression and career choices? 

Sabi: My desire to make a difference in the world keeps me aware of the over all messages in my songs. I want to make sure they are saying something true to my experience that can maybe shed light or happiness on someone else

ME: Very cool. I agree that it's important to keep it real in your music. Speaking of your music, I have had your songs You Make Me Feel... with Cobra Starship and (Drop Dead) Beautiful with Britney Spears on repeat on my running mix and I am also loving your new song with Wale, Where They Do That At.  Do you ever work out to your own music?

Sabi: Yes, I work out to Drop Dead Beautiful sometimes because it's such a fierce record I can't help but to wanna get my sexy on to it.

ME:  What artists and songs inspire you the most to hit the gym, yoga studio or street for a run these days? Do you have any songs in particular that you'd like to share with our readers that are getting you pumped to work out?

Sabi: My favorite to work out to right now is Daft Punk ....they have such a cool yet pumped up energy about their music it keeps me going.

ME:  I love Daft Punk! So, how do you reward yourself after a particularly challenging workout?

Sabi: After a work out I love to treat myself with a fruit and veggie smoothie....usually with berries, spinach, banana, OJ and yogurt.

ME: All sounds super yummy and healthy. Do you have any music or fashion icons or particular individuals who inspire you? If so, who are they and how have they influenced you, your music and your overall look?

Sabi:  I'm inspired by so many artists, some inspire me sonically some visually: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, No Doubt, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah and The Police. Those were all some of my favorites at one point and influenced me somehow .

ME: Cool. I'm excited to hear your new music! Can we expect to see you on tour soon? And how do you balance your passion for working out and also making music for your fans?

Sabi: I'm working on the roll out of music soon so I will be on the road soon. It does get hard to maintain on the road so what I do sometimes is YouTube workouts that I can literally do it anywhere like in a hotel room if need be and work out that way.

ME: Well. That's inspiring that you still work out with your busy schedule. Good tip with the YouTube workouts. I am so excited to hear your music because I'm sure there'll be some great songs for fitness fanatics like myself!


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