Summer Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat

There have been more scorching hot days this Summer of 2019 than I can count! And I believe I read in the news that this past May and July had some of the hottest days in history. That's why I had to do THIS BEAUTY REPORT on WGN TV Chicago Midday News.

I say it in the video below, which I hope you'll watch [ JUST CLICK IT ] but I'll say it again here: WHERE THERE'S A WILL FOR BEAUTY THERE'S ALWAYS A WAY! These are my tips for the worst beauty blunders of summer.

Problem #1: Your hair is prone to frizz. 

Listen, I feel you on  this one because I've spent a lifetime coping. My best solution, and it's one that works really well, is GKHair's THE BEST TREATMENT. It smoothes, hydrates and conditions your hair for the entire summer, making it frizz-free and easy to style. I get this treatment done at my salon in New York City called Gemini 14 Salon (ask for Christian Sanchez) and I won't lie, it's expensive: $400!!! But it's worth it to me in every way as my hair does NOT frizz, my blowouts last much longer and my hair doesn't get poofy when I go outside in high humidity. A way to get this treatment for less is to do it yourself at home and just buy the treatment online from GKHair or at a beauty supply store. I've never attempted this but it's possible. The treatment will last you the entire summer and up to 5 months. You're going to love it! Thank me in the comments section once you get it :)

Another way I fight frizz is by using a high performing moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set. The one I use is made by Martino by Martino Cartier and it comes as a bundle with a spectacular leave-in conditioning spray all for just $32! Normally it costs something like $72 or more but just go to the website and get the bundle using promo code STORMCHASER. The reason I love these hair care products is because Martino has designed them to protect against heat, humidity and sun exposure. They even protect against chemicals in pools, making it the best hair care you could possibly invest in for summer. If you color your hair like me, these products are wonderful because they are sulphate-free making them color safe. Go fetch them over at Martino By Martino Cartier website.

Problem #2: Your makeup is melting off.

It's normal to schvitz during a heat wave but it could also be that you're wearing too much makeup during the summer. This tip will help you lighten up your coverage and lessen the perspiration on your face. Grab some Bio-Oil from Amazon, Target or drugstore and add a few drops to your favorite foundation. It will transform it into a lighter coverage without changing the tint, and the oil will actually give you a smooth finish that melts into dewy skin nicely in the summer. This way you won't be sweating behind a thick layer of foundation and you'll also save money because you won't be using as much of it. I usually add anywhere from 3-6 drops of the Bio-Oil and mix it on a plastic palette or just the back of my hand.

Another tip is to AVOID POWDER BASED COSMETICS! Ditch them for creamy/wet makeup palettes that will blend more naturally into your skin in the heat. Anything that is being used to create a base layer for your makeup look, like your foundation or concealer, should be creamy. Even a contouring palette or stick! I also use creamy bronzers in the summer. If you must use a powder, limit it to eyeshadow and highlighter, or else you'll start to see your makeup cake up. You can find affordable creamy/wet palettes and sticks from NYX Cosmetics. These below are a few of my favorites,all under $12 on Amazon.

NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Palette in Light

NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Palette in Deep

NYX Contouring Wonder Stick in Medium

Problem #3: Your skin feels oily and your body's a sweaty mess.

Oil will build up on your face when it's hot outside and the best way to wipe it off without ruining your made up face is with Oil Blotting Sheets from Clean & Clear. They're also going to help reduce shine and mattify your face. I like to carry these in my purse. Get them HERE!

When your body is at it's worst (sweaty, stinky, and moist) the best thing you can do is put deodorant on! I have been loyal to Secret Deodorant for a while. Their FRESH line is one of my favorites because it comes in really fresh and feminine fragrances that are unlike most deodorants. They smell like a light body scent, which I really enjoy because I dislike that deodorant smell where people know that you just applied it. FRESH from Secret lasts 48 hours! It's crazy. I would never tell you not to reapply every day but it's designed to provide odor control for that long. It comes in an invisible solid and a gel. My advice would be to go with the FRESH Gel for summer on extra hot days.

Problem #4: The heat is too much and you're at your wit's end!

This last tip is inspired by my good friend Stefanie (@adventuregirl on instagram) who takes a personal fan EVERYWHERE! So yes, my tip would be to invest in a miniature fan that fits in your purse. At first I kind of laughed when I saw her carrying it around but then when we were on Nevis Island together where it's very hot, I realized she was having the last laugh! A strong personal fan is amazing when you just can't escape the heat. I found some good ones on Amazon for less than $14. Here they are...

THIS ONE is handheld, slim and has a modern design that's nice on the eyes!

THIS ONE plugs right into your iPhone and it's very powerful!

With that, my friends, I wish you the best remaining 1.5 months of summer EVER! August will certainly deliver some pretty hot days. Use these tips to maintain your beautiful selves in immaculate shape! Thanks for reading and, of course, please feel free to comment below!

XO, Bianca Jade



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