Swim Styles & Accessories for Beach Workouts + GIVEAWAY

This summer, when you hit the beach to work out, you can stop worrying about your swim suit top coming off or losing your bottoms. I've got some amazing swim styles that stay put and protect, as well as some healthy-beachy accessories to make a day in the sun a lot more fun.

I literally just showcased all these items on Great Day Saint Louis in my hometown this morning. If you like to watch videos, here ya go!

Let's start with surf inspired bikinis and 1-pieces from Calavera Swimwear, which by the way are ALL priced under $100. When does that ever happen? I've been wearing Calavera for years now ever since discovering them at Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami. If you've never been, GO! Just prepare to sweat your face off standing in line for fashion shows.

Calavera Swimwear won't leave you hanging by strings that come undone. They're made for water sports, designed by founder and avid surfer Anna Jestrom who was on a mission to make suits that could handle rough waters, swift moves and of course, wipeouts! Calavera bikini tops have a smart and strong tie system--strong enough for out-of-water workouts too! Like a bikini bootcamp or beach volleyball game. The cut of the bottoms is my favorite part because it's low cut but hangs securely to your cheeks with a hidden tie-front. I don't surf much but I always wear Calavera for SUP (stand up paddle boarding).

Calavera also makes 1-pieces for colder waters and serious surf girls. Their new retro surf-suit is made with supplex that provides UV protection and features a removable zip-top converting it to "strapless" for girls who prefer an even tan. Check out the sexy video they made about it!

I totally wore it for my segment on Great Day Saint Louis with a body contouring skirt...and might just wear it again with a leather pencil skirt this weekend! Love how versatile it is for vacationing or going from ocean to surf bar!

You can score all these styles on the Calavera website, at select Urban Outfitter stores and HERE on UrbanOutfitters.com. One lucky Mizzfit reader (must be a size large) will win this Limited Edition Calavera breast cancer awareness bikini below (actually the bottoms that I am giving away have an added side tassle/tie design):

TO WIN IT, just leave a comment and follow me on instagram / facebook / twitter. And that's not all I'm giving away! So keep reading :)

Manduka Yoga now makes flip flops--the perfect style for active feet! You know me, I have to test EVERYTHING and these passed with flying colors! I won't go to yoga class or the beach without them. The Onward Sandal by Manduka is literally a yoga mat for your feet. Forget the drugstore cheapies that tear up your in-between-toe regions and give you blisters. Manduka's flip flops are made from recyclable foam and mold to your feet, making every step super comfortable.

When you've outworn them, don't pitch 'em. Send them back to Manduka to be recycled all over again. Love the eco-vibe of this company! They really take it seriously and you'll feel good about creating less trash. Get 'em for your man too HERE. I'm giving away 3 pairs in size 6, 7 and 8.

TO WIN A PAIR, just leave a comment and follow me on instagram / facebook / twitter.

Pants in the water is out of the ordinary but not when you're a newbie. When you're trying out a new water sport like SUP it's wise to wear the Supmerge Knee Padded Capri. Don't get me wrong, pros wear it too because it dries quick and pads and protects your knees. Lots of people have sensitive knees and that's why this pant is extra special. The 1st time I tried SUP, my knees were a mess especially since I learned on the Hudson River, which is anything but calm.

I also love the pockets on these pants for anything you don't want the ocean stealin' from ya. I've lost a few designer sunglasses and other items I can't even bare to think about. Just dress cute and leave your valuables on shore.

Have you ever skipped the beach because of your neglected bikini line? Or maybe you just couldn't schedule your waxing appointment in time? Don't let this hairy sitch get in the way of your beach workout. The Ripple Kata Swim Short by Athleta is a lightweight fitness short but it's also a bikini bottom (and a lifesaver). There's also a skort version for all you skirt-aholics. I just could never get into this trend which is weird since I'm so girly.

After all that working out, you deserve a drink! Like a fresh pressed juice, smoothie or cold coconut water. The Beach Glass is my new way of drinking in style on the beach because it looks fancy (even though it only costs $9.50) and it's designed to stick in the sand without knocking over.

A little luxury never hurt a fitness girl. These Beach Glasses are also really easy to throw in your beach tote. Or take them on a picnic and stake them into the ground. I've already dropped mine a few times and they haven't cracked.

God knows I love the sun but it's important to know when you've had enough. This little gadget called "June" by Netatmo poses as a jeweled wrap bracelet on your wrist while tracking your sun intake and alerting you (via iphone app) when to apply sunscreen or run to shade. Yes, it's pretty obvious when your skin is baking but sometimes you don't listen to your mindful-self so for $99 you get to wear your mom on your wrist and spare yourself untimely wrinkles. Just don't get it wet or else you'll burn it!

And just in case you wanna lay back with a good read after putting in a good sweat. I recommend this book: Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo. It's like the bible for us ladies (married and single). Trust me on this one ;)



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