Thank You, Norma Kamali, and All the Woman Who Empower Me!

Norma Kamali Talks to MizzFIT about Her Life

This is it! My favorite celebrity interview so far! We’ve got to live our lives by our own calendar and pay the next woman forward with a lot of insight. Gobble up this episode of my  “Women Who Empower” series featuring fashion designer and wellness guru, Norma Kamali.

Women like Norma fill my head and heart with amazing love, courage and ambition. I mean, just look at what she’s created! It’s a mega-brand comprised of fashion, fitness and wellness. And on top of that, she’s nice, introspective and thoughtful!


I’m so lucky and thankful to know and learn from such smart, successful and giving women as I wander down this path called “my life”.  If you make it through the entire video (which I hope you do because Norma makes some powerful points), you will come across this message from me:

It took many years of growing up for me to be able to write this. Mostly, because I’m competitive by nature. I like being the best at the things I most love to do. But you can’t get to the top alone. That’s for sure. And if you could, it would be terrifyingly lonely. I’ve let my BEST-guard down over the years and found that what feels good is helping other women achieve their goals. It’s quite rewarding and I dare say it helps me do my job better.

I want to thank all the women—right here, right now—who have helped me see the world and myself in new ways and with refined focus…through stellar cat eye frames!


I won’t lie…there’s no prescription in them but I still feel cool.  But back to my point: If it weren’t for you (species of kick-ass women), I wouldn’t still be at this blogging game.

Yesterday my dentist asked me, “So what’s your end goal with MizzFIT?” With 100% certainty I replied, “I don’t know.” Because I don’t know. But I’m intrinsically happy and passionate and just want to keep going. I was especially happy to keep going that day sans cavity.

I hope to keep collecting pieces of inspiration and empowerment from more dynamic women as I move along (to wherever I’m going by such and such date on the Bianca Jade calendar). And I hope you learned something from Norma. Check out her events…they’re dope.

Thank you to all who read me and inspire me to write/create.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!


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