The Washboard Abs Trophy For Most Inspiring Fitness Trainer Goes To...

Mizz Kira Stokes!!! Enough said. Actually, I'm gonna say a bit more...

We chose to interview Kira by asking her a question while doing her own Stoked Primal moves because we wanted you to see how strong and smart she is. She doesn't turn her brain off when she's working out, and when she's training she's always looking at AND out for you. This woman walks her talk as Brett Hoebel would say, and that's why we love her.

Kira has helped countless women transform their body and mind. She guides women through fit pregnancies (like our very own Laura from Baby Bump Fit Tips) and cares immensely for her clients and class regulars. Personally, I've never experienced this kind of dedication from a fitness trainer, which is why I think Kira should be a role model to others in the industry. I'm sure there are more amazing fit pro's like Kira that I have yet to meet or work out with...which makes me happy because fitness is all about LOVE, right? Self-love and community.

I'm beyond thankful for trainers and leaders like Kira within the industry. Here at MizzFIT, we want to thank and scream their names through the online universe. If you know of someone amazing that needs to be announced, PLEASE let us know! Connecting fitness-seeking women to the most inspiring and motivating fitness options is what we do. And today we celebrate KIRA! (You can stalk her HERE)

Leave a comment below telling us your favorite Kira story or about someone in the fit world that's moved you.





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