Why I Decided to Fix My Smile with Spark Aligners!

Woman in dentist chair getting dental examination.

I recently decided to partner with Spark™ Aligners to fix my smile.
Here’s the beginning of my story…

A few years ago I noticed that my smile wasn’t what it used to be. My teeth had become smaller in size and jagged at the bottom edges. Also, a few teeth that had been previously straightened with metal braces in my youth were now crooked again. Every morning I’d wake up with a clenched jaw, soreness in my face that would shoot down to my neck and there was no doubt in my mind something was wrong with my teeth. I was grinding the heck out of my teeth at night in addition to slipping into 3 bad habits:

1)    Crunching on ice cubes from cold drinks.
2)    Sucking on lemons that ultimately cause erosion of my tooth enamel. I knew it was bad thing to do, but I continued to do it anyway.
3)    Not wearing my night guard when sleeping…literally out of pure laziness.

I brush and floss like a boss but overall I was ignoring bigger issues related to the alignment and bite of my teeth. Not only were these issues becoming increasingly more visible when I smiled but they were causing me physical pain and discomfort. I got so many headaches from the grinding and clenching! I searched for an orthodontist that could help me fix these issues so that I could achieve the healthiest and most perfect smile I know I’m capable of. I found my Spark provider, Beam City Dental, through Instagram of all places, and will be documenting my entire Spark Aligners treatment with them.

Please watch my video to see my initial consultation to get fitted with Spark Clear Aligners. My dental history has not been one of perfect teeth, but I’m determined to get it right this time because my work puts me in the spotlight. I work on camera as many of you know in the TV and digital space, and having a beautiful smile is integral to what I do.

I’m excited to be on a program that will not only straighten my teeth but also help fix my bite in order to stop the clenching and grinding of my teeth. Once we’ve fixed the bite and straightened all the teeth that shifted since I last had metal braces, I’m going to proceed with some cosmetic work to address the damage that crunching on ice and sucking on lemons has done. 

But I’m taking it step by step and Spark Aligners is crucial to getting me there! I love that these aligners are clearer and more comfortable compared to the leading aligner brand*. The fact that they’re inconspicuously working to align my teeth while I go about my day-to-day work is spectacular for me. Literally no one notices I’m wearing them! This process is a really big deal, and I wouldn’t go about it any other way than with a doctor-directed program like Spark Aligners to get the results I want.

If you’d like to learn more about Spark Aligners and find a provider near you, go to Sparkaligners.com. Feel free to drop any questions or comments for me about my treatment. As you know, I’m an open book and happy to share my experience.

*Data on file



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