Why I Love Pamela Anderson, Hate the Holidays and No Longer Feel Like A Blimp


On the frigid morning of November 4th of 2013, Pamela Anderson and I both set out to run the New York City Marathon dressed in adidas sportswear. Here's proof of me running with a little self-filmed video:

Here's proof that Pamela ran...everything about this picture is amazing!

I beat Pam to the finish line by nearly 2 hours but that's not the point. Pam has moxie. It's SEXY and definitely something we can all learn from. Know what moxie is? As a Jewtina (half Jew, half Latina), I'm only HALF aware of Jewish lingo but this term happens to be one of my favorites:

mox·ie  n. Slang  The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

I don't know Pamela Anderson personally, but I read an interview she did pre-marathon and I was blown away by her determination to run even though she's (a) not a seasoned runner and (b) was admittedly struggling with her training. This is where "moxie" comes into play. But before I go into that, I want to prepare you for this blog post because it's totally scatterbrained (per normal for me).

Once I give you a whole new perspective on Pam, I'm gonna tell you why the holidays suck for your fitness routine (and how you can remedy that). I'm also gonna tell you about Wheat Belly and how I put an end to it by making some changes in my diet. Ok, let's do this!


Because now she's using her body to promote a different kind of SEXY--a sexiness that comes from taking on challenges, committing yourself to them and finishing out strong. In the NY Daily News article I read, Pam said this about the marathon (before it happened):

"People tell me that I really don't know what I'm getting into, but that's kind of the story of my life...I'll just go with it." (source)

I saw Pam in a new light when I read this. I loved her view on life...because we never really know what's going to happen...EVER. We all have twists and turns, and ups and down. But she was ready to face something huge no matter how much of an unlikely contender she was for a grueling 26.2 miles. That's what I call moxie! And we should all practice it more. Don't you think?

Pam also raised nearly $76,000 for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which aims to save lives and bring sustainable programs to the impoverished Caribbean nation devastated by the 2010 earthquake (source).  I've always said that the best way to run a marathon is for someone else. I ran it for my uncle.

When you've got moxie, you need the clothes to match! Pam loves adidas as much as I do. She reportedly wore a Stella McCartney for adidas sports bra. It must've been a supportive one since Pam isn't exactly flat (36DD!!!).

I wore my favorite adidas No-Fuss Run ShortsTechfit Climawarm Pullover, and Originals track jacket (which came off before the actual run) and, of course, my SPRINGBLADES!

People couldn't believe I ran a marathon in them (they're not marketed as a long distance run shoe) however my feet thanked me the entire way! They're 100% worth the $180. I even bling'd them out with sneaker charms! FYI, I have the 'blades in both pink and yellow. I chose yellow for race day...get 'em HERE!

But back to Pam. I'll wrap up my thoughts on her by saying that most famous female sex icons fade away once they're no longer in their picture-perfect-prime. Pam still looks good, but she looks even better RUNNING!


They're a fitness buzzkill. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukah (remember I'm a halfie!) leave you NO TIME to exercise. You're either cooking, praying, shopping, wrapping or visiting relatives you haven't seen in a while. The holidays are all about giving thanks but then they go and steal from you (the gift of fitness). Here's how to effectively find time to exercise during the holidays:

  • Give yourself 30 minutes in the morning to get outside (run/walk/powerwalk)
  • During the work week, go out to lunch at the gym (you can stuff your face at your desk)
  • Make a date with your girlfriends for a weekend workout catch-up session (multi-task that ass!)

These are merely quick tips. For the full article by yours truly, TAKE A GANDER HERE on the adidas website. I took this pic on a morning that I forced myself to go outside...felt good even though I was cursing myself for doing it.

I guess I wouldn't be a true New Yorker if I didn't curse on the street, though!


I got rid of my Wheat Belly! Ever heard of that? Wheat or grain belly is visceral fat. It's a type of fat that accumulates around your body cavity organs, such as the liver, stomach, or intestines. Let's just say it's not good...especially if you're not in the market for a belly. If you're a belly-worshipper, no need to keep reading. Wheat Belly might sound funny when you say the words but it's actually pretty scary and uncomfortable. If you have it, you'll probably experience the following (source):

  • A bloated belly, stomach cramps, bad digestion
  • High blood sugar
  • Skin problems, rashes, acne, and eczema
  • Bouts of anxiety and depression - low energy
  • Gut disorders - yeast infections
  • Early aging disorders that include dementia

Not pretty. Not what I wanted in my life! Not gonna consume wheat anymore! I've written many times (like here) about going gluten-free (wheat free), but what I haven't told you is how I enlisted Miss Priya Lawrence fromTried And True Nutrition to help me out.

Priya is a registered dietician nutritionist that helped me understand how to approach a gluten-free diet as someone who doesn't have celiac disease (meaning, it's harder to stick to a new diet when there's no life-threatening allergy standing in the way between you and a delicious piece of bread). That's Priya and me below!

I sought Priya out because when I initially went gluten-free to tackle my wheat belly, I developed a sudden intolerance to lactose. I couldn't understand why. Priya told me that this happens to a lot of people who go through a change in diet. It looks like I've always had an allergy to dairy products but I didn't realize it until I cleaned up my eating habits and eliminated all discomfort I've ever felt connected to food and eating.

Eating shouldn't hurt and it definitely shouldn't kill you! I won't lie, going gluten-free and lactose-free was not a piece of cake. Priya helped me identify tricky foods that can slip through the cracks like gum, soy sauce, many kinds of soups and salad dressings. On the upside, there are a ton of grains that you CAN eat that won't give you wheat belly.

Curious to learn more? Reach out to Priya and her biz partner Pam Bonney atTried and True Nutrition, Inc. Give a call here: 646-389-0480.

I'm a big fan of this duo and love how they value fitness (Priya and I bootcamp together). They're special because they're a private practice focused on 1-on-1 sessions, menu planning, grocery shopping trips and corporate wellness programs. I'm really thankful they got rid of my wheat belly. Now I can go back and re-pierce my bellybutton! Ha! JUST KIDDING. As always, thanks for reading smile

P.S. Check out this book on Wheat Belly too: Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health



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