Your Floor Is All Your Need For These Virtual Workouts + 2 Weeks FREE!

In my latest newsletter, I have a TRENDING SPACES section and this month it's THE FLOOR! Yup, literally the floor in your home or wherever you can find a clean and cleared out space to do a fitness class using just your computer and bodyweight. But first, have you signed up for my newsletter? It comes 2x a month and has great info, promos and free stuff in it. SIGN UP FOR IT HERE! It's literally a quick summary of the kind of stuff you're about to read now. I keep it light and fun and always on trend.

So getting back to the floor...haha! These are 2 of my favorite virtual and livestream workouts that have transformed my body from home during this crazy pandemic. I know there are a lot of options out there to consider, but I specifically LOVE THESE because you don't need much or any equipment at all to do them. 

The 1st virtual and livestream platform I love is called STRONG Nation!

It's actually part of the Zumba family but it's honestly so different that if you're not a Zumba fan like me, don't let it deter you because it's made for cardio and HIIT lovers. Really the only similarity to Zumba is the focus on music for class you take. And the one thing I can tell you is that the music is E.L.E.C.T.R.I.C.!

STRONG Nation has literally changed the vibe and feel of my at-home workouts. Music always sets a mood but when it’s reverse engineered to maximize your workout—well, now we’re talking! Because when your workouts are vibrating with energizing beats, it’s so easy to fall in sync with the rhythm and speed of the moves...especially when it comes to cardio-based HIIT classes. There's more than that too! I paired my daily HIIT / shadow boxing class with a cool down yoga class. It’s nice to tack on that little bit of relaxation and stretch. You can search for all STRONG NATION classes based on 3 diff intensity levels.

To get going, just create an account at or CLICK HERE and take their introductory classes for FREE. You can also go to their STRONG Nation YouTube page to sample a bunch of workouts for free. That's how I got into it! What I also love is that you can buy single classes for as low as $2. Or purchase a class pack...y'know...whatever works for you!


The 2nd is ROBIN BRAY'S FITNESS BARRE which includes a variety of workout styles like barre, HIIT, yoga and more.

There's literally so much to explore in their fitness library but my favorite classes are their livestream workouts, as they have up to 4 offerings a day. It's so easy to sign up for an account or you can even find them on your MindBody app if you prefer. Robin Bray is the founder and creator of the workout. She's very inspirational and has trained her instructors to deliver a tough but feminine sculpting workout that you can do between zoom meetings during the AM and PM. I say "feminine" because the workout enhances not only your waistline but also your curves. 

If you can, invest in some light weights for barre (3-5 pounds at most). For everything else you don't really need equipment unless you want to take the HIIT classes to the next level. I've always loved barre because of the small repetitive moves you do in problem areas like the back of the thighs and butt areas. These are parts of the body I feel don't get as much attention or are less targeted in other workouts. 

I want to share this awesome 2 WEEKS FREE PROMOTION that Robin Bray gave me to share with my readers. 2 weeks is a lot of time to try Fitness Barre and come to your own conclusion. I know you're going to love it!

Click here: and use promo code BIANCA14 to begin your first 2 weeks free. Enter the promo code at check out and pay nothing. Such a deal as this is a $70 value!

Don't be surprised if Robin herself emails you before or after class to see how your experience was or if you have any feedback for her. I really love this because it's not something most fitness founders take the time to do. 

As always, let me know what you think of both workouts and leave me a comment below with any recommendations you have for me and this fitness loving community. 



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