Your new workout bud: ASYM by Skullcandy


I heart ASYM ear buds because...

  1. They feel good. When I popped ASYM ear buds (in catfight hot pink) into my ears, I experienced superior comfort right away. These buds are shaped for asymmetric ears (don't pout, no one's ears are perfect). Instead of the awkward ear clip which always rubs me the wrong way (literally), ASYM's ear phone cable runs over the top of your ear in a non-intrusive, fashionably smart way.
  2. They sound good. I selected a mix by dj/producer Lauren Flax and slipped into a world of intense sound. It felt like I had headphones on, not ear buds! I even removed them to see if they were emitting sound because the sound was so unbelievably powerful for a bud. They weren't. Which means no one has to know what you're sweating to. It's OK, we all have embarassing music that gets us going.
  3. They price is good. At $39.95, these non-invasive ear buds are fitness-friendly and will make your workout mix jump. Not bad at all as long as you steer clear of pools and rain (they're not waterproof).
  4. The case is too cute to trash (that's a first!). Big enough to hold loose keys. Small enough to hook to your keychain. It's made with mesh which means ASYM buds will air out (from all your nasty ear sweat) even when they're stored away.

asym buds from skullcandy


Asym Ear Buds from Skullcandy 

Satiate your craving for energetic beats with a dose of Lauren Flax



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