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Fitness Hurts

Let’s face it, the gym kicked your butt today. Or maybe it was that high intensity AEROJUMP class you took at AEROSPACE after reading my review. Your body hurts and that 1980’s heating pad your mother gave you combined with Icy Hot isn’t doing the trick. What do you do? The answer for your aching body is none other than Jeremy Roland.

Jeremy works at the Equinox Spa on 17th street and 10th avenue. He’s been practicing massage therapy for 3 years. He graduated from the Swedish Institute which must be a very good school because Jeremy gives the best massage I’ve ever had. Jeremy uses a combination of Myofascial release, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu points. I will warn you, he’s not a soft new age-y massage therapist. But who wants that anyway when your body is screaming bloody murder? Jeremy doctors your sore spots with firm hands and arms. He doesn’t ask you if the pressure is too much (as we’ve all been asked before)—he concentrates on fixing the problem. Jeremy...

Hate Socks?


The new NikeFree 5.0 running shoe boasts barefoot technology that is supposed to strengthen feet for runners. I just designed this pair and plan on taking them for a run even though I’m usually a fan of socks. Supposedly you can wear them with or without socks, but I see most people wearing them without. They look sleek and they’re flexible so you can literally fold or compress them into a gym bag. But here’s the deal—runners need support. I’m always iffy about these lightweight running shoes. Let’s see what happens…

UPDATE:Absolutely love them! They're soooo comfortable. My step feels lighter and it seems like the muscles in my feet are working harder. I've been wearing them with thin sport socks to avoid making them unbearably stinky. Also, if you have big feet, the NikeFree will make them seem smaller. I can't believe how teeny my feet look in them! Great sneakers--whether you hate socks or not!


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