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Bianca Jade's fitnes tips and workout moves during the 2020 Stay At Home Coronavirus Covid-19 Quarantine.

My life before the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic hit the US was literally non-stop travel from December to early March. I definitely saw a lot of people at the airport wearing respirators and disinfecting their seats on the plane, but it really never occurred to me that soon we’d all be in a state of lockdown. The face masks, at the time, seemed a bit much to me. I was conscientiously using hand sanitizer and wiping down my seat too, but I was 100% clueless about what was to come next. And you know what? I’m thankful for my blissful ignorance…because who knows when I’ll be traveling next!

What Is Waist Training? Is It Safe for Fitness?

You've heard good and bad things about waist training. You've also read my take on it before here. But I'm going back to the basics because this is something I feel strongly about (as a waist training fan) and I realize that many of you might have unanswered questions about the growing trend. What is waist training? Waist training is the process of reducing and correcting your waistline. It's an age old practice from Victorian times that has made a comeback--in a modern way--in recent years. There are all kinds of waist trainers. Like tons! I kid you not...there are waist trainers for wearing under your everyday clothing, for wearing over workout clothes and for wearing to look exceptionally sexy with lingerie. Whatever floats your boat! I'm personally an expert when it comes to waist trainers for shaping and firming your midsection ('cause you know how much I love fitness!) In the video above, you will see me talking about fitness/sport waist trainers that are...

Don't Crunch! Twist Your Abs.

Swimsuit season is here and your abs are DYING to see the sun. But are you ready to show them off? Here's a great way to do that... TWIST AND TURN YOUR ABS INTO FITNESS MODEL SHAPE! Yes, it's totally possible AND you don't have to do hundreds upon hundreds of reps to get the kind of abs I'm talking about. Twisting is far from a new concept but rather an alternative to the abdominal crunching you're used to. Twisting and turning is how I work out my abs and I wouldn't be blogging about it if I wasn't seeing results. Why should you TWIST? Crunches aren't always good for you. The repetitive up and down crunching of the abs can actually put a strain on your back and spinal discs, creating injury down the road. Think of your body like a credit card. The more you bend it back and forth over time...SNAP! Well...not literally, but you get the point. You want to give your back and neck a break. A lot of people pull on their necks during crunching which can...


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