What Is Waist Training? Is It Safe for Fitness?

How to Waist Train for Fitness

You've heard good and bad things about waist training. You've also read my take on it before here. But I'm going back to the basics because this is something I feel strongly about (as a waist training fan) and I realize that many of you might have unanswered questions about the growing trend.

What is waist training?

Waist training is the process of reducing and correcting your waistline. It's an age old practice from Victorian times that has made a comeback--in a modern way--in recent years. There are all kinds of waist trainers. Like tons! I kid you not...there are waist trainers for wearing under your everyday clothing, for wearing over workout clothes and for wearing to look exceptionally sexy with lingerie. Whatever floats your boat!

I'm personally an expert when it comes to waist trainers for shaping and firming your midsection ('cause you know how much I love fitness!) In the video above, you will see me talking about fitness/sport waist trainers that are made from a latex thermal band with flexible boning at the sides.

What do waist trainers do to reduce your waistline?

Based on my experience with many different styles and brands of waist trainers, I find that the best fitness/sport trainers do the following: 1) STRAIGHTEN, 2) FIRM and 3) HELP YOU ACTIVATE YOUR CORE.

What does wearing a waist trainer feel like?

It feels tight, secure, lengthening and can feel slightly warm. Here's why... Waist trainers use compression to help you connect to your abs (as in realize that you have them) and encourage you to engage by drawing them in and up. Once a waist trainer is latched on properly, you will stand taller, sit up straighter (no slumping) and pull your shoulders back. You will also have the benefit of lower back support, which is quite nice if you suffer from pain in this area.

The reason you might feel warmth while wearing a waist trainer is because they stimulate thermal activity in your midsection. You might perspire. I love this, especially for fitness! Sweating in this area can begin to mobilize fat cells and that is why I recommend investing in a fitness trainer for core moves. It can really make a difference and take your workouts and results to the next level!

Does a waist trainer really work?

Yes! But it's not magic. You have to wear your waist trainer CONSISTENTLY, eat healthy and commit to a weekly workout routine. Keep in mind that I recommend a fitness waist trainer that you can wear both while sedentary and for exercise. I do NOT recommend wearing these trainers all day. My recommendation is for no more than 1-2 hours per day. I wear mine while working at my desk, running errands, cooking and then while doing exercise that is NOT high intensity or cardio focused (although I do think you can walk or even lightly power walk in them).

More proof of their effectiveness comes from women that have been using waist trainers for years to treat Diastasis Recti, a post-pregnancy condition where the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy (to make room for baby) but do not return to normal. In many instances, the abs separate even further to the dismay of women who were in great shape to begin with. Waist trainers help treat this issue by assisting in moving the muscles back together. It's not a fun thing to deal with but many celebrities like Jessica Alba have sworn by waist trainers in this regard. If they can help you get back to your pre-baby body, imagine what they can do for you when you're already in decent shape but want to firm up and enhance your curves.

I fell in love with waist training and yes, it did start with a Kardashian.

I saw Kim Kardashian post an instagram selfie wearing a waist trainer from HourglassAngel.com. I wrote the company and asked them if I could test the same trainer. I had to know if it was legit! I was incredibly skeptical but they obliged to send me one. I immediately put it on when it arrived and decided I would test it out while stair running. BIG MISTAKE. This is what happened...

But I didn't give up because I realized after this episode that cardio was not the way to exercise with a trainer. I was a dummie and recognized that. I decided to create my own little workouts that were safe and effective while wearing a fitness waist trainer.

This didn't happen overnight but Hourglass Angel took notice!

They saw how I was using my waist trainer from my posts on social media and blogging. They loved my enthusiasm for it and 1 year later after receiving the initial waist trainer they sent me, I started working with the company. They are so lovely. They wanted to launch a New Year's program to promote healthy living called #NOEXCUSES, and asked me to create workout moves that their customers and waist training lovers around the world could watch and use. I loved the idea so I did it!

Take a look at our #NOEXCUSES page here! Or just click the image above. If you have any questions at all about waist training, feel free to email me or leave a comment on this post.

My last thoughts on waist training...

I realize it might seem bizarre or strike you as antiquated seeing a woman wearing a corset in 2016. BUT, I must say, every time I put a woman in a waist trainer for the first time, she is surprised by how much she loves it (even if it does feel awkward going on).

It's not easy at first and takes a little effort to learn how to latch one on yourself but once you get the hang of it, it's fun. I mean, I put it on a man for goodness sakes...so it's really not that bad. Give it a shot and check out HourglassAngel.com.


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