Be Your Own Stylish Valentine

Whether you've got a hot date or not this Valentine's Day, make sure to schedule some time with yourself for a fit date. This year VDAY falls on a Friday so I'm  giving you all weekend to do it. Check out my favorite "heart healthy" fitness-fashion-wear inspirations for this Valentines Day 2014...

Gym Girl Apparel's Red Hot Sports Bra

Lace typically goes with lingerie. But why not activewear? The Red Hot Sports Bra (pictured above) is a new addition to my workout wardrobe. Not only is it supportive, but it's also reversible. I love that it provides full coverage for high impact sport/activity but still makes you feel like a girl. I have a ton of full coverage Nike sports bras but none of them are sexy to walk around in, or flirt in, like my Red Hot. Get your own with promo code MIZZFIT for 15% off at Gym Girl Apparel.

Dear Kate's Amelia Thong

Who knew a fitness panty could be lace-y or silky or both?! I most certainly didn't until I came across Dear Kate. My...

You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Box from Me and Quarterly Co!

That's because I'm going to tell you. I'm thrilled to announce that my Style Up 2 Shape Up subscription-style boxes with Quarterly Co are officially in the works and getting ready to be mailed out. Wanna know what's in it for YOU? And how to GET ONE? Keep reading!


It's always been my dream since I first created MizzFIT to give you a TANGIBLE "fitness fashion" experience beyond the words on this blog. I'm still not at the point yet in my career, though, to launch a product line, but I hope to in the very near "prosperous" future. When Quarterly Co. (like angels from heaven) called me up to team up, they totally solved this dilemma for me and I was like HELLS YEAAAAAAH! Because this was my opportunity to give you what I've been dreaming of putting together for so long! So, many thanks to Quarterly and my buddy Aron over there, for believing in me and the concept of Fitness Fashion & Trends enough to give me MY OWN BOX! CHECK OUT THE BOX RIGHT...


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