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Shocking Health Tips on Skincare to Vajayjays!

Boy, have I got some great info to share with ya! These health topics are HOT and in no way normal, which is why I like 'em and can't wait to hear your thoughts. So be sure to comment on what you like, dislike or just can't imagine doing (in the comments section at the end). Before I start, full disclosure... I've tried and tested the skincare tips ONLY. The rest, I'm very open to but have not yet tried only because the treatments were not made available to me. For the record, I did ask. But since all these topics are trending, I feel it's my duty to spread the word. As a human guinea pig (which I commonly call myself), I'm pretty much game to try anything. So you never know what I'll stick into my feet or up my vajayjay tomorrow! That was meant to be a joke...kind of. Hope you laughed. Watch the video above (click the image) or keep reading for more detailed info than I was able to provide in 4-minutes on the Great Day St. Louis show. I promise you it's worth the...


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